Composing a Fanfare

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Composing a Fanfare by Mind Map: Composing a Fanfare

1. Pitch rules

1.1. Harmonic series

1.2. End bar 4, 12, 20 etc. on G

1.3. End bar 8, 16, 24 etc. on C

2. Rhythm rules

2.1. Use rhythms from p.22

2.2. Repeat patterns of rhythm combinations

2.3. Passing notes will alter rhythms

3. Passing notes

3.1. Fit between two adjacent notes a third apart

3.2. Must be on an off-beat (an "and")

3.3. Passing note will be half the duration of the previous note; it will also make the previous note half its original length

4. Introduction and Ending

4.1. Should be even number of bars

4.2. May use triplets

5. Writing in two parts

5.1. Imitation

5.2. Chords

6. Contrasting middle section

6.1. ABA structure

6.2. Use different rhythms, pitches etc.

6.3. Consider using motifs from other section