R6 Migratory Birds Website

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R6 Migratory Birds Website by Mind Map: R6 Migratory Birds Website

1. Sidebar(s)

1.1. Right

1.1.1. Top Stories 1 story a month from each program (game, non-game, permits, JVs, etc.)

1.2. Bottom

1.2.1. Last update

2. Footer

2.1. R6 standard

3. Analytics

3.1. Google Analytics? Ask EA how they track things.

3.1.1. eg. UA-1234567-2

4. Header

4.1. R6 Standard, to match current EA page (but with bird image)

5. Pages

5.1. Home

5.1.1. Content

5.2. About Us

5.2.1. What We Do

5.2.2. Who We Are (staff photos, contact info)

5.3. Birds and Habitats

5.3.1. Focal, Priority, T&E Species Plans Uniform template for information

5.3.2. Surrogate Species

5.3.3. Landscape Conservation Flint Hills Initiative Dakota Grasslands Initiative

5.3.4. Partnerships Migratory Bird Joint Ventures Overview, w/links to JV pages LCCs Overview, w/links to LCC pages Flyways Overview, w/links to Flyways pages

5.3.5. Current Issues Wind energy Endangered species Golden Eagles Sage Grouse

5.3.6. Funding NMBCA NAWCA NRCS/Farm Bill FWS easements

5.4. Recreation

5.4.1. Hunters Link to National FWS website with hunting regulations and info: http://www.fws.gov/migratorybirds/hunting.html Links to refuges and other FWS managed hunting locations.

5.4.2. Birders/Nature observers Where to see birds in the region

5.5. Permits

5.5.1. http://www.fws.gov/migratorybirds/mbpermits.html

5.5.2. http://www.fws.gov/permits/

5.5.3. Contact form (going directly to R6 permits)

5.5.4. FAQs

5.6. Ed. & Outreach

5.6.1. Duck Stamp

5.6.2. Jr. Duck Stamp

5.6.3. Fact Sheets, pocket guides, (and other tools)

5.6.4. IMBD

5.6.5. State of the Birds report

5.6.6. K-12 materials

5.7. Get Involved

5.7.1. Volunteer opportunities BBS, CBC, etc.

5.8. Contact

5.8.1. Contact form (or names and contact info for all MB staff)

5.9. Library

5.9.1. All plans, fact sheets, brochures, etc. (searchable)

6. website: http://www.fws.gov/mountain-prairie/migbirds/

7. Audience

7.1. Permit seekers

7.1.1. Oil, gas, and wind energy developers

7.1.2. Private citizens

7.1.3. Tribes

7.1.4. Other industry

7.1.5. Researchers/universities

7.2. Scientists/Biologists/Planners

7.2.1. Internal audience

7.2.2. Partner Organizations Focal Species Plans Surrogate species/priorities

7.3. State agencies

7.3.1. Access plans

7.4. Private Landowners

7.4.1. NAWCA

7.4.2. NMBCA

7.4.3. NRCS/Farm Bill

7.4.4. FWS easements

7.5. Birders, tourists, area residents

7.5.1. general info on birds of the region

7.5.2. where to see birds in the region

7.6. Hunting constituents

7.6.1. Regulations

7.6.2. Where to hunt

7.7. Youth

8. Questions to answer

8.1. Define goals and objectives (both fundamental and means)

8.1.1. Think measurable: # of downloads of a plan, # of unique visitors, # of permit questions answered, etc.

8.2. Who is the audeince

8.2.1. What are their goals and objectives (for visiting the website)

8.2.2. What does the MB program want them to do when they visit the site?

8.3. Who will manage the site?