Camera Exposure

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Camera Exposure by Mind Map: Camera Exposure

1. Exposure Triangle

1.1. Aperture

1.1.1. depth of field

1.2. ISO

1.2.1. image noise

1.3. Shutter Speed

1.3.1. motion blur

2. Aperture

2.1. controls the area at which light can enter your camera

2.2. specified in terms of f-stop value

2.2.1. as the area of opening increases f-stop value decreases "stopping down" or "opening up"

2.2.2. every time the f-stop value halves, the light collecting area quadruples

2.3. the range of distance over which objects appear in sharp focus

3. ISO Speed

3.1. controls the sensitivity of your camera's sensor to a given amount of light

3.2. a lower ISO speed is desirable because the higher the ISO speed dramatically increases the pictures image noise

4. Shutter Speed

4.1. controls the duration of the exposure

4.1.1. the faster the shutter speed the shorter the exposure to light occurs

4.2. powerful tool for freezing or exaggerating the appearance of motion

5. Common Modes

5.1. Auto

5.2. Program

5.3. Aperture Priority

5.4. Shutter Priority

5.5. Manual

5.6. Blulb

6. Pre-set Modes

6.1. Protrait

6.2. Landscape

6.3. Sports / Action

6.4. Night / Low Light