Southwest Airlines (LUV) Operations

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Southwest Airlines (LUV) Operations by Mind Map: Southwest Airlines (LUV) Operations

1. Load factor growth

1.1. System compatibility

1.1.1. Point to point

1.1.2. Low mileage trips

1.1.3. Schedule alignment

1.2. Demand-driven capacity

1.2.1. Airports chosen with excess capacity

1.3. Motivated employees

1.3.1. Peer hiring

1.3.2. Cross training

1.3.3. Autonomy Innovative cost cutting

1.3.4. Recognition culture

1.3.5. Profit sharing

1.3.6. Industry leading service Low complaints Low delays Low mishandled bags No interline baggage Repeat loyal customers

1.3.7. Promote internally

1.3.8. Culture committee


2.1. Short haul flights

2.1.1. High frequency of departures

2.2. High turn period

2.2.1. Uncogested airports

2.2.2. Weather compliant airports

3. Low cost

3.1. Secondary airports

3.1.1. Low airport gate and landing fees

3.1.2. Low number of gates Reduced staff per gate

3.2. Passengers per employee

3.2.1. Remuneration alignment (i.e. based on frequency of flights)

3.3. Boeing 737's

3.3.1. Lower maintenance costs

3.3.2. Greater experience curve benefits

3.4. Proprietary booking

3.5. Supplier interactions based on cost (e.g. fuel)

3.6. Pay for in-flight services