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Acceleration by Mind Map: Acceleration

1. Newtons Second Law: F=ma

2. Position

2.1. Origin

2.2. x-,y-,z- components

3. Displacement: change in position

4. Vectors

5. Velocity

5.1. Average Velocity=change in displacement/change in time

5.2. Instantaneous Velocity: velocity at a specific time

5.3. Velocity/Position/Accelartion Maps

6. Units: m/s^2

7. Average Accelaration=change in velocity/change in time

8. Instantanous Acceleration: acceleration at one point

9. Mass: Amount of Matter that makes something up

10. Relative Velocity

10.1. Reference Frame

11. Newtons First Law: An object remains at rest unless acted upon by an outside force

12. Values

13. Values

13.1. a=0

13.1.1. equations can be used

13.2. constant acceleration

13.2.1. equations can be used

13.3. non constant acceleration