Be kind to birds

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Be kind to birds by Mind Map: Be kind to birds

1. When you do something bad, it will goes back to you. By :Marcel

2. Do not make birds suffer. Do not let birds die or they would die BY: Glenn Tan

3. Conclusion

3.1. The birds belonging to Koji's grandfather came back but the birds belonging to Taro flew away and did not come back.

4. Orientation

4.1. Characters

4.1.1. Koji, Taro, Grandfather, Ichi-Ban

4.2. Settings

4.2.1. At the sea.

5. Problem

5.1. One of the fishermen;s boat crash on to others and the cord connecting to the cormorants tangled together.

6. Opinion

6.1. Do not use the birds for jobs that might cause injuries and death to them. By Ivan.

6.2. Don't Make Birds Work For You. By: Chun Yuen

6.3. If you made birds work for you,they might get injured or worst death.By:Ye LOng

7. Events

7.1. His grandfather release the birds one by one for them to catch fish.

7.2. When Koji's grandfather release the birds, the bird came back as they both treated the birds well.

7.3. Koji and his grandfatherwent to fishing when Taro shouted at Koji for being busybody as he treated his bird badly.