How My Blackberry has changed my existence?

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How My Blackberry has changed my existence? by Mind Map: How My Blackberry has changed my existence?

1. Scheduling

1.1. Appointments can be placed on my calendar for me.

1.2. I have my schedule everywhere I go and it's available online.

1.3. Reminders are sent automatically to me so I don't miss appointments.

2. Always on

2.1. Email delivered to my phone

2.2. Text Capability

2.3. Server Alerts

2.4. People can call at all hours and everyday

3. Internet and GPS Capability

3.1. No longer stop at gas stations for directions

3.2. Can Google questions to almost anything while driving.

3.3. Can send and post pictures anywhere

4. Sharing and Collaboration

4.1. Facebook updates from my Phone

4.2. Twitter Updates from my phone

4.3. Can Add to Blogs and Comment

4.4. Can text or email multiple people at one time to coordinate events

5. Multi-Tasking in the Car

5.1. Monitoring Texts and Somtimes responding at stop lights.

5.2. Answering Calls while Driving

5.3. Monitoring E-mails while Driving

6. Safety

6.1. Feel comfort about having my BB when traveling or out alone

6.2. With Chapperone, I can see where my daughter's phone is and hopefully my daughter.

7. Lifestyle Change

7.1. No longer have a home phone

7.2. Can use my phone to connect to the Internet from anywhere