Sports Scholarship

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Sports Scholarship by Mind Map: Sports Scholarship

1. Provide more opportunities to students who are not as academically capable as others

2. To encourage the students to enroll into sports

3. In most of the universities, mainly american universities, varsity students are offered an athletic scholarship

4. Appreciate students with talent in sports by giving them a scholarship

5. Athletic scholarship promotes the motivation and commitment of students to sports

6. Famous athletes may graduate from the university and therefore would give it a better reputation

7. Exercise is crucial for a better academic performance and providing sports scholarship, will encourage students to practice sports more

8. Giving higher scholarship for the MVP which would increase competitiveness between students and hence overall athletic performance

9. Permission to participate in the sports will be dependent on grades which will encourage the students to study more to be allowed to do what they love

10. 15% off the tuition fees for varsity team members will be provided if they attend the practice