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Alkanes and Alkenes: Physical Properties by Mind Map: Alkanes and Alkenes:
Physical Properties
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Alkanes and Alkenes: Physical Properties

Physical States:

1-4 Carbon Atoms = Gas

5-14 Carbon Atoms = Liquid

This is because of the greater Van der Waals forces that exist between molecules in alkenes and alkanes with more carbon atoms.

15+ Carbon Atoms = Solid

Solubility in water

Alkanes and Alkenes are insoluble in water, but are soluble in non-polar solvents instead.

Melting points / Boiling points

As the number of carbon atoms increase,so does the melting and boiling point of the alkane/alkene this is also a result of the increased Van der Waals forces between molecules.


Alkanes and Alkenes do not conduct heat or electricity well.