9 Elements of Digital Citizenship

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9 Elements of Digital Citizenship by Mind Map: 9 Elements of Digital Citizenship

1. Digital Access

1.1. Definition: Full electronic participation in society.

1.2. Appropriate Use- Jess goes to the library to work on a project.

1.3. Inappropriate Use- The teacher didn't let Bri use the computer for her project

2. Digital Law

2.1. Definition: The legal rights and restrictions governing technology use.

2.2. Appropriate Use: Susan purchased the whole album of Lana Del Rey from iTunes.

2.3. Inappropriate Use: Michael downloaded music without buying it.

3. Digital Rights and Responsibilities

3.1. Definition: The privileges and freedoms extended to all digital technology users, and the behavioral expectations that come with them.

3.2. Appropriate Use: Gary used facebook within the restrictions.

3.3. Inappropriate Use: Britney hacked into a social network to gain private information.

4. Digital Health and Wellness

4.1. Definition: The elements of physical and physchological well-being related to digital technology use.

4.2. Appropriate Use: Nicholas only uses the internet for a couple hours a day.

4.3. Inappropriate Use: Randy is always on the internet, which ruins his mental and physical health.

5. Digital Security

5.1. Definition: The precautions that all technology users must take to guarantee their personal safety and the security of their network.

5.2. Appropriate Use: Brianna doesn't talk to strangers, and doesn't give out personal information ove the internet.

5.3. Inappropriate use: Olivia told some dude over the internet what her address is.

6. Digital Literacy

6.1. Definition: The capability to use digital technology and knowing when and how to use it.

6.2. Appropriate Use: Sacora learned new song lyrics and guitar notes using websites online.

6.3. Inappropriate Use: Max used an authors poem on one of his poetry projects without siting his resource or the author.

7. Digital Commerce

7.1. Definition: The buying and selling of goods online.

7.2. Appropriate Use- Amanda sold her old phone to Allison for $56 online.

7.3. Inappropriate Use- Amanda charged $56 to Allison for her old phone, but never sent her the phone.

8. Digital Communication

8.1. Definition: the electronic exchange of information.

8.2. Appropriate Use- Ally talks to her closest friends on IM.

8.3. Inappropriate Use- Jack talks to people he doesn't particular know on IM.

9. Digital Etiquette

9.1. Definition: The standards of conduct expected by other digital technology users.

9.2. Appropriate Use- Lenny refused to tell Amber his friend's password for Facebook.

9.3. Inappropriate Use- Amber gave out Lenny's password and he ended up getting hacked and made fun of.