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Career Ideas by Mind Map: Career Ideas

1. The Duty Fulfiller (Parwaz)

1.1. Doesn't mind to in large crowds

1.2. Dislike change unless it's beneficial

1.3. Natural leader

2. Mr.Grewal

2.1. Psychiatrist

2.1.1. Pro: Knowledge about people grows everyday

2.1.2. Pro: Flexible schedule

2.1.3. Pro: Can perscribe medicine

2.1.4. Pro: Freedom of practise

2.1.5. Pro: Use your knowledge at home

2.1.6. Con: Stressful days

2.1.7. Con: Unpredictable hours

2.1.8. Con: Risking patients health

2.1.9. Con: Longer eduction

2.1.10. Con: Government interfering frequently

2.2. Photographer

2.2.1. Pro: It's more experience based than education based

2.2.2. Pro: You get to be creative

2.2.3. Pro: Your family photos are free

2.2.4. Pro: You get to chose your subject

2.2.5. Pro: You can make a career out of your hobby

2.2.6. Pro: Get to attend different functions and are able to travel

2.2.7. Con: You must satisfy your cilents

2.2.8. Con: This career doesn't branch off onto other careers

2.2.9. Con: Most of the time you have to purchase your own equipment

2.2.10. Con: Hard to find work

2.2.11. Con: Low pay

3. Mr.Brar

3.1. Lawyer

3.1.1. Pro: Public Speaking

3.1.2. Pro: You get to interact with different people and help them

3.1.3. Pro: Payed really well

3.1.4. Pro: Flexible hours

3.1.5. Pro: Get to dress formal

3.1.6. Con: Long hours of work

3.1.7. Con: Losing a case can affect your career

3.1.8. Con: Expensive Education

3.1.9. Con: Dealing with "The Justice System"

3.1.10. Con: Travelling is limited

3.2. Business Executive

3.2.1. Pro: Good pay

3.2.2. Pro: You're one of the bosses

3.2.3. Pro: Good vacation time

3.2.4. Pro: Allows you to travel

3.2.5. Pro: You could interact with people

3.2.6. Con: If your company does poorly, your salary gets affected

3.2.7. Con: Might have to deal with difficult workers

3.2.8. Con: A lot of paperwork

3.2.9. Con: Have to make big and difficult decisions

3.2.10. Con: Have to put your business life before your personal life

4. Medical Doctor/Dentist

4.1. Pro: Excellent salary/pay

4.2. Pro: Get to improve someone's life

4.3. Pro: Staff can be small

4.4. Pro: Can practice in a hospital

4.5. Pro: Many different types of doctors/dentists

4.6. Con: Long hours

4.7. Con: Stressful when unable to help

4.8. Con: Education can be very difficult

4.9. Con: Can be very disgusting

4.10. Con: The DEBT after finishing medical school

5. The Protector (Harman)

5.1. Enjoys working in small groups

5.2. Sympathesis with people

5.3. Curious about life

6. Both

6.1. Put long hours in their work

6.2. Not comfortable with going against the rules

6.3. Perfectionist