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Course/Event in a mobile group by Mind Map: Course/Event in a mobile group
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Course/Event in a mobile group

group members


imported from .xls files

create sublists of members, defining specific tags

inform, discuss with members using multimedia messages in group space

group messages can be monitored by members by free SMS

polls for feedback/voting

quizzes for feedback/contests

SMS notifications



personalized messages based on a predefined syntax

organise events


multimedia messages during event/follow up


video titling with RT messages (.srt)

real-time polls

real-time wall


mobile ticketing

reports / analytics

network section lists each member participation



online/SMS communication rates

group size and growth over time

send alerts by e-mail to members group

promote group

export notes to blog

widget with group messages

info about join by SMS

publish info, materials, announcements in group description section