LIFE by Eckhart Tolle (ETTV issue 1)

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LIFE by Eckhart Tolle (ETTV issue 1) by Mind Map: LIFE by Eckhart Tolle (ETTV issue 1)

1. My life situation

1.1. periodically step out of it

1.1.1. what about NOW? do I have a problem NOW ? don't judge the now, don't compare it wonder about the incredible variety of human variations wonder about the incredible life forms around you, the spectra and veriety of phenomena

1.2. can eat you up

1.3. ego and mind power it up, makes you think of it continuously

1.4. = a CONCEPTUAL reality

1.4.1. it eats up your attention

1.4.2. you miss the fullness of life

1.4.3. thoughts and concepts in your head

1.5. can trap you

1.5.1. you can get lost in the mind traps created by the ego

1.6. hypnotizes the world

1.6.1. not of absolute importance

1.7. tends to unfold with greater ease when you are connected to the fullness of life

1.8. eventuallly, things around you will dissolve anyway... maybe in 10 years, maybe in 100 or 1000 years...

1.9. the power will not come from your life situation, or your thoughts, but must come from within

1.10. the slightest stress means you have lost yourself in your life situation !

1.10.1. feel more powerful than then situation you are dealing with

1.10.2. the power inside you is far more powerful than external things happening, but most people don't realize it ! a feeling of stress means that you don't let the power inside yourself realize it's full promise if your inner state is empowered, then the empowerement is relfected around you

1.11. no ultimate long lasting satisfaction will come from any life situation.

1.11.1. the life situation will never have the power to make you fulfilled or unfulfilled

1.11.2. you have to go deeper

1.12. don't prematurely give up the life situation

1.12.1. step into the power of now first

1.12.2. then connect to the life situation from that state of presence and power

1.13. every challenge in life is an opportunity to "wake up", to be more conscious

1.14. a difficulty implies resistance <-> a challenge implies increased aliveleness and empowerement

2. The fullness of live

2.1. a dimension, far more powerful and powerful than what is happening in your life situation

2.2. spirituality = accessing this dimension

2.3. the formless dimension

2.4. more vital than what is happening in the life situation

2.5. consiousness = the stillness inside yourself

2.6. here I am, feel what is precious inside yourself, indestructive

2.6.1. sometimes a form destructing experience must be felt to learn to feel the indestructive power inside yourself

2.7. feel the aliveness of the present moment, the timeless space

2.8. you are rooted in a deeper place

2.8.1. then deal with the life situation

2.9. of absolute importance

3. the NOW

3.1. level 1 = feeling the life in the world around you

3.2. level 2 = to feel that you are alive inside, to feel your presence, to feel your body

3.3. level 3 = the realization that underneath it all, who you are is not something that is determined externally or in defined in your head. You are the consiousness that you are, your formless innermost identity. Nothing that can be happening around you, is determining who you are. Success or failure can not give you your true reality, it's all a play of forms, has to do with time and the life situation. Step into the power of the present moment.

4. to become empowered

4.1. feeling the deeper truth inside yourself and then deal with things in your external world, your life situation

4.2. look at whatever limitations arise in your life : is there something I can do now, or not; accept the present moment. Then take action when appropriate : don't loose yourself in the action, but act from a power within.

4.3. empowerement can and will show in many forms

4.3.1. internal empowerement is far more powerful than external life siituations

4.4. the universe will use you; the consiousness that wants to come into this world can freely flow in you

4.5. the evolutionary impulse of the universe will flow through you

4.6. the people you deal with will be affected by the empowerement that you show

4.7. be a frequency holder

4.8. be deeply rooted in life, not the life situation

4.9. to feel that whom I am in my essence, is beyond any limitation in the external level