Chapter One: Laughter "Out of Place"

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Chapter One: Laughter "Out of Place" by Mind Map: Chapter One: Laughter "Out of Place"

1. Goldstein uses the rest of Chapter 1 to give a brief political and historical background of Brazil, just to set up a context for herself and the reader

2. Setting is in The Metropolis area of Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

3. A participant-observation of Brazil Favelas (Shantytowns)

4. First Arrival

4.1. Arrived at end of 1990, at the start of the New Years celebration

4.2. Goldstein was instructed to buy all white clothes, new underwear, let the waves crash on her feet 7 times, and eat twelve grapes, saving the seed as ritual for the New Year

4.3. Rio is known as the city of contrast: poverty, inequality, racism, and violence

5. Scholar in Training

5.1. She tried to find the focus of her study and not get seduced by Rio, but the seduction was impossible to resist

5.2. Intention was to study class relations and religious affiliation

5.3. Spent a lot of time working on the growing AIDS epidemic

5.4. Inspired to do fieldwork with the lowest class women, because not much had been done/known about them

6. Carnival

6.1. A time when the rules and realities of everyday life are forgotten

6.2. Carnival can serve as a conservative ritual that reinforces class position and gender and sexual hierarchies

6.3. for the poor can be a "time or remembering, a profoundly ambivalent and ambiguous event"

7. Return to Laughter

7.1. Rio, to Goldstein, was associated with Soneca's laughter, a laughter that was genuine enough but that both masked and revealed the anger and sorrow at the kinds of everyday violence experienced by people like Gloria and her family

7.1.1. Soneca laughs and jokes about the tragic death of one of her brothers, Zeca

7.1.2. Zeca had sickle-cell anemia, and was treated incorrectly by the doctors of the hospital, although the children tried to tell the doctor about his conditions and the way he needed to be treated

7.1.3. WIth all the trama, it would seem to Americans, Gloria's family found laughter. They even joked about the 'little hard-on' Zeca had when he died, which brought absurd laughter.

8. Rediscovering Rio De Janeiro

8.1. Goldstein met Gloria in the 1990s as one of her colleagues house keepers, and eventually ask Gloria to work in her home

8.1.1. Goldstein was unfamiliar with the boundaries and rules of a relationship between her and a housekeeper, and would often do special things for Gloria This led to the relationship that Gloria and Goldstein now share, and ultimately this lead to the research that this book is about

8.1.2. Gloria Would invite Goldstein into the shantytown so Goldstein could see how the people really lived

9. Real People in Real Context

9.1. Goldstein Admits 'this book is a snapshot of contmporary class relations in urban Rio de Janeiro. It would be impossible to understand everything that she has sought out to explain in the beginning of the chapter.