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Collaboration Processes, Methods, Tools, Environments by Mind Map: Collaboration Processes, Methods, Tools, Environments
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Collaboration Processes, Methods, Tools, Environments

MG Taylor

Alphachimp Studio


Ann Badillo Leadership

Architects of Group Genius

Ernst & Young ASE

Griot's Eye

Innovation Labs

Rob Evans

Sente Corporation

Sterling Insights


We enable consulting and investment firms to radically improve their own new venture/new product innovation services and investment performance with front end business model concept design tools

Tomorrow Makers

The Value Web

The Value Web is an international non-profit association, focusing on engaging NGO's, social enterprises, etc. in transformational projects for a more sustainable, equitable world. We design and deliver collaborative engagements to support like-minded...

Vanderbilt Center for Better Health

Collaborative Products & Services

Athenaeum Int'l

Frog Think

Focus on design and process. Frog meets client challenges with a simple, yet powerful three-part process that brings together the innovator’s vision and the pragmatist’s view. Balancing the freedom to create with the realities of the corporate world, we drive our business solutions from the drawing board to the marketplace.

Grove Consultants Int'l

The Grove is a San Francisco-based consultancy and publisher that offers services and tools to help organizations, teams, and individuals successfully envision and implement change. Founded in 1977 by Grove president and organizational consultant...

Kinetic Energies


SIT Systematic Inventive Thinking

SIT helps people and organizations to become more innovative. SIT is short for Systematic Inventive Thinking, and is the name of both our company and the method we have developed. We invite you to explore our site and learn more about SIT.


The Center for Graphic Facilitation

Organization Development Network

Organization Development is an effort (1) planned, (2) organization-wide, and (3) managed from the top, to (4) increase organization effectiveness and health through (5) planned interventions in the organizations “processes,” using behavioral-science knowledge.

World Cafe

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Large Collaborative Consulting Companies


A.T. Kearney


Authur D. Little

Bain & Company

Booz Allen Hamilton

The Boston Consulting Group

Capgemini Consulting

Deloitte Consulting

Ernst & Young

Gallup Consulting

IBM Global Business Services

OptumInsight (UnitedHealth Group)

McKinsey & Company

Monitor Group

Oliver Wyman


Towers Perrin

Watson Wyatt


Buckminster Fuller


Ken Thomson

Bob Sadler

Howard Gardner

Jonathan Demming

Christopher Alexander

Peter Slann

John Chris Jones

Doug Engelbart

Meredith Belbin

Flank Lloyd Wright

Boutique/Proprietary Collaborative Consulting Companies


Blue Silk Consulting

Bridge Consulting Int'l

Check Six Performance Group

Claros Group

Collaborative Consulting LLC

Conner Partners

Hay Group




L.E.K. Consulting

North Highand

OC&C Strategy Consultants


PA Consulting Group

Peak Teams

Point B

Real Foundations

Roland Berger

Slalom Consulting

Valen Group

Value Partners Group

Dachis Group


Appreciative Inquiry


Birds of a Feather



FOO Camp (O'Reilly Media)

Individual Facilitator List

Knowledge Cafe

Lightning Talks


Nominal Group Techniques

Open Space Technology

Pecha Kucha

Speed Geeking



TRIZ is a methodology, tool set, knowledge base, and model-based technology for generating innovative ideas and solutions for problem solving. TRIZ provides tools and methods for use in problem formulation, system analysis, failure analysis, and patterns of system evolution (both 'as-is' and 'could be'). TRIZ, in contrast to techniques such as brainstorming (which is based on random idea generation), aims to create an algorithmic approach to the invention of new systems, and the refinement of old systems.

The Altshuller Institute for TRIZ

SIT- Systematic Inventive Thinking Llc

TRIZ Consulting and Innovation List


Facilitation, Team Building, & Training



Meeting Consultants Inc.

Root Learning

Presencing Institute

Future Search

Root Cause

Innate Strategies

Pontiflex Consulting