Pastiche Ideas

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Pastiche Ideas by Mind Map: Pastiche Ideas

1. Ignorance

1.1. Students vs. Admin

1.1.1. Uniform

1.1.2. "Admin doesn't care about the students"

1.1.3. Can't see things from a holistic point of view

2. Waste

2.1. SAT prep

2.1.1. money

2.1.2. time

2.2. Rose grams/candy grams

2.2.1. A lot get thrown away

2.3. SAS conservation efforts

2.3.1. Takeaway in the cafeteria Paper is default Got rid of water bottles but not takeaway

2.3.2. Early dismissal days, empty bus Was the only student on the bus once

2.3.3. Printing Paper just gets put straight into the recycle bin People think that recycling is the only thing you can do when they should be reusing Reuse, Reduce, Recycle - recycle comes last

3. Hypocrisy

3.1. The Bachelor

3.1.1. They talk about what a "great guy" he is

3.1.2. Spends his time leading on a bunch of girls

4. Inequality

4.1. Cafeteria

4.1.1. Students don't clean up after themselves

4.1.2. Complain about having to clean up

5. Corruption

6. Injustice

6.1. IASAS curfew/team dinners

6.1.1. CulCon's fault, athletes get punished Athletes actually care about their bodies, CulCon kids are bored

6.2. Retirement at SAS

6.2.1. Teachers have to leave against their will

7. Follux

7.1. High school relationships

7.1.1. "it helps prepare you for your future relationships"

7.1.2. People change a lot between high school and when they're actually going to get married or have a serious relationship

7.2. Procrastination

7.3. Students' work ethic

7.3.1. "I spent so much time copying my homework"

7.3.2. They're at such a good school

7.4. Focus on the SAT

7.4.1. Stress so much about one score

7.5. Singaporean Tourism

7.5.1. All man-made

7.5.2. Singapore Flyer Something built to look at other things that were built