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SLWA Home by Mind Map: SLWA Home
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About Us (Pol)

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For Personal Investors (SS) Bus

For Publishers - books, music, copyright, ISBN, ISN etc (SS) Bus

For Small Business (SS) Bus

For Family Historians (SS) FH

For Community Groups (IS) Res

For New Users First time visitors (IS) Res

For Researchers (IS) Res

For Students (IS) Res

For Teachers (IS) Res

For Travellers (IS) Res

For Authors (IS) Res

For Libraries (public libraries WA, other libraries WA, interstate and overseas libraries) (IS) Res

For Volunteers

For Indigenous Australians (SS) Ind

For Children - Better Beginnings, Premier's reading challenge, Children's book week, etc. (Out) Res

For Parents (Out) Res


Find Resources summary

Find Company Information (SS) Bus

Find Market Research (SS) Bus

Find Money - Unclaimed Moneys (SS) Bus

Find Organisations (SS) Bus

Find Postcodes and Phone numbers (SS) Bus

Find Statistics (SS) Bus

Find People (SS) FH

Find Libraries

Find book club resources (IS) Res

Find Books (IS) Res

Find CD-ROMS electronic resources (IS) Res

Find Electronic Resources – Using Online Databases (E-team) Res

Find Journals (IS) Res

Find Large Print Books (IS) Res

Find Law (IS) Res

Find Manuscripts(IS) Res

Find Maps (IS) Res

Find Material in languages other than english (IS) Res

Find Newspapers (IS) Res

Find Talking Books (IS) Res

Find Children's books (IS) Res

Find Community Groups (IS) Infol

Find Dance (SS) Music

Find Music (SS) Music

Find Performing Arts (SS) Music

Find Oral History (SS) WAhist

Find Pictures (photographs/images) (SS) WAhist

Find WA Government Information & Publications (SS) WAhist

Find West Australian Material (SS) WAhist


Guide to Business Information (SS) Bus

Guide to Family History inc the Genelogy centre (SS) FH

Guide to Maps (IS) Res

Guide to Material in languages other than English (IS) Res

Guide to Newspapers (IS) Res

Guide to reference services (for beginners) (IS) Res

Guide to Standards (IS) Res

Guide to State Library Rare Book Collections (IS) Res

Guide to the Film & Video Library collection (IS) Res

Guide to Workshop Manuals (IS) Res

Guide to Preservation -what we do here, help info for public libraries and members of public - (Pres)

Guide to public libraries (IS) Res

Guide to Indigenous material (SS) Ind

Guide to infolink (infol)

Guide to calendar of dates (infol)

Guide to Music & Performing Arts

Guide to Battye Western Australian history (SS) WAhist

Guide to The Research Collection of Children's Literature

What's Happening

Activities - what is on at the library (Out)

Exhibitions & Displays (PP)

Tours (Out)

Events (PP)


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