A life cycle

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A life cycle by Mind Map: A life cycle

1. has

1.1. 3-4 stages. For example, a grasshopper has 3 stages, while a butterfly has 4 stages.

2. shows

2.1. The order of the different stages.

3. is

3.1. A pattern that repeats itself in the lives of living things. The young of a living thing goes through a similar life cycle as its parents.

4. has

4.1. A length which is different from one living thing to another.

5. has

5.1. Egg(s), nymph and adult stage for the grasshopper or any other insects that have 3 stages.

6. has

6.1. Egg(s), larva, pupa, adult stage for the butterfly or any other insects that have 4 stages.