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Austin Theater Scene by Mind Map: Austin Theater Scene
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Austin Theater Scene

Producing Organizations

A Chick and a Dude Productions

Austin Playhouse

Austin ScriptWorks

Austin Shakespeare

Bedlam Faction

Cambiare Productions

Capital T Theatre Company

City Theatre Company

Different Stages

the dirigo group

Esther's Follies

Mystery Players

The Getalong Gang

Gilbert & Sullivan Society of Austin

Gobotrick Theatre Company

Hyde Park Theatre

Latino Comedy Project

Loaded Gun Theory

Mortified Austin

North By Northwest

Onstage Theatre Company

Penfold Theater

Physical Plant Theater

Polyanna Theatre Company

Pro Arts Collective

Refraction Arts

Rubber Repertory

Rude Mechanicals

Salvage Vanguard

Scottish Rite Children's Theater

Shrewd Productions

Teatro Vivo

Teatro Humanidad

Theater Action Project

Tongue And Groove Theatre

Tutto Theater

Vestige Group

VORTEX Repertory Company

Wierd Sisters

Yellow Tape Construction Company

The Zach Theater

Zilker Theater Productions

Kid's Acting

Debutantes and Vagabonds

The Baron's Men

Paladin Theatre Company

Paper Chairs

Sustainable Theatre Project

The Hidden Room

Presenting Festivals


Throws Like A Girl

Artspark Festival



Out of Bounds???


Improv Organizations

Is this part of comedy or theater? Sketch comedy?

Coldtowne Improv

The Hideout


New Movement



Austin Playhouse

Austin Theater Alliance

Blue Theater

Dougherty Arts Center

Garriot's Curtain

Hyde Park Theater

Long Center for the Performing Arts

Mary Moody Northen Theater

Off Center

United States Art Authority

UT Performing Arts Center


Zilker Hillside

Salvage Vanguard

The Independent

Garriot's Curtain

The City Theatre

The Hideout


Academic Institutions

Craft Training

Educational Outreach

Service Organizations

Greater Austin Creative Alliance

Austin Scriptworks

Fractured Atlas

Austin Improv Collective???



Motorblade Postering

Olden Lighting

Rock N Roll Rentals

Wyatt Brand PR

Grant Giving Organizations


Catalyst 8



Texas Humanities????

Criticism and Press

Austin Chronicle

Austin American Statesman


Austin Live Theatre

Insite Magazine

Austin Theatre Examiner

Daily Texan

Community Events

Austin Critic's Table Awards

B. Iden Payne Awards

Arts Event Listings

Art List


Austin Chronicle


Austin Live Theatre

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