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What Makes a Great Reader by Mind Map: What  Makes a Great Reader
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What Makes a Great Reader

Likes reading

Has good eye sight

Is able to read


Likes books

Easy acces to the Library


Takes good care when looking after them

able to coperhend differnt types of writing

Needs to be a book worm.

Understands detailed writing.

A public reader

has lots of spare time to read thick books

Be able to get to accessable book place or have your own books

They need to be able to make a picture in thier head

They need to be able to stay commited to books

Read a book suitable for thier age

Understand the authors message


Have time to read

Have to fun reading.

giving characters personality

good expressions

imagining the Characters

likes all different kinds of books

likes differnt types of books

Big voice when reading aloud

Read loads of books

Read between the lines

a variety of books

Know's what difficult words mean

ENJOY reading!

Can concentrate without getting distracted

understandes the sentence


must have a good mind

reads alot

a good reader

nuts about reading

loves books

has a quiet space to read alone

uses dictonary when doesn't know what it means

Has a good understanding

who's able to read inside there heads aswell as reading aloud