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Chauncey Nartey by Mind Map: Chauncey Nartey

1. Your How: The Commitment to Your Values

1.1. The Conviction of Valuable Smarts (MINDSET)

1.1.1. Putting It All Together = his/her/their STORY Chronologically 0. Origins of the Universe I. Pre-Cambrian Period II. Cambrian Period III. Pre-Historic Era IV. Classical Age V. Middle Ages (500-1300) VI. Renaissance Expansion & Reformation (1300-1600) VII. The Enlightenment & Scientific Revolution (1600-1700) VIII. The Revolutionary Era (1700-1900) IX. The Modern World (1900-Present) Geo-Politically Europe Asia Australia South America Africa Antarctica North America Thematically Identity, Domination, Resistance & Revolution (Conflict & Cooperation) Science and Technology Rise of Nationalism & Trend Toward Globalization (Economic & Cultural) Movement of Ideas/People/Goods/Culture Human Drive for Wealth & Power

1.1.2. BE COMMITED Experimentation Self As Scientist/Subject (Life Is An Experiement - Test Everything) Compassion Ownership Bc We Create the World (YOUniverse Creates Universe) Internal v. External Locus of Control Marvel Moderation Less Is More Improvement Truth Enthusiasm Decisive Action Systems F.I.R.S.T. Routines/Rules

1.2. Travel & Taste

1.2.1. North America USA California Arizona Louisiana New York Nevada Utah Colorado Indiana South Dakota Alaska Canada Ontario Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) Mexico Chichen Itza Teotihuacan Central America Guatemala Panama

1.2.2. South America Brazil Iguazu Falls (border of Argentina & Brazil) Christ the Redeemer Amazon Rainforest Ride Amazon River Dance throgh the Sambodromo at Carnival Rio de Janeiro Peru Machu Picchu Ruins Ecuador Quito Galapagos Islands Snorkeling Bolivia Salar de Uyuni Saltflats Argentina Tango Easter Island

1.2.3. Antarctica Be there.

1.2.4. Europe Spain Pamplona Bunol in Valencia Balearic Islands (inc. Ibiza) Germany Oktoberfest Neuschwanstein Castle Hohenzollern Castle Italy Rome Florence Venice Pisa Monaco Monaco Grand Prix France 24 Hours of Le Mans Autorace Top of the Eiffel Tower Palace of Versailles The Louvre Cathedral of Notre Dame Le Mont St. Michel Ireland St. Patrick's Day Kiss the Blarney Stone United Kingdom Giants Causeway Glastonbury Festival Stonehenge Scotland Iceland Blue Lagoon Ukraine Chernobyl Croatia Plitvice Lakes National Park Switzerland Hike the Dolomites Mountains Greece Parthenon Acropolis Home of the Oracle at Delphi Blue Domed Church at Santori Russia Moscow Trans-Siberian Railroad

1.2.5. Asia Thailand Koh Phangan Take Mauy Thai Class Songkran Turkey Istanbul Israel Krav Maga Jerusalem's Old City Jordan Petra China Great Wall of China Yangtze River Shaolin Tibet Mongolia Naadam Festival Myanmar Hot air balloon ride Bagan Japan Cherry blossom festival Zen Garden of Kyoto Philippines Watch Jai alai Ati-Atihan Festival Banaue Rice Terraces India Taj Mehal Holi Festival Dwali Festival Brunei Palace of Brunei Malaysia Eat Durian Petronas Twin Towers Cambodia Temples of Angkor (Angkor Wat) Indonesia Borobudur Temple UAE Dubai

1.2.6. Africa Zimbabwe (or Zambia) Victoria Falls (largest waterfall) Tanzania Climb Mount Kilimanjaro See the Big 5 in the Serengeti Morocco Sahara Desert Kenya Serengeti - See the Big 5 at Masai Mara South Africa See the Big 5 at Kruger National Park Cape of Good Hope Egypt Pyramids of Giza Karnak Valley of the Kings Madagascar go.

1.2.7. Oceana New Zealand Go Zorbing Bunjee Jump in Queenstown Sky Dive Australia Great Barrier Reef Overland Track Eureka Tower Sydney Uluru (Ayers Rock) Melbourne Aquarium Melbourne Immigration Museum Fiji Drink Kava Bora Bora

1.3. The Command of Valuable Skills (MASTERY)

1.3.1. Learn to Learn Anything: The Art (And Science) of Mastery How to Read Non-Fiction Fiction Coaching/Learn from the Best Learn Anything (Tim Ferriss) DSSS ("Diss") CFE ("Cafe") Practice

1.3.2. Problem Solving, Prototyping & Design Thinking Part 0: notice there's a problem Part I: decide to take action what is worth devoting resources to doing? why is that worth doing? When is the right time to do it? Part II: persuade others to follow you and your plan Principles of Organizing Networking who should do the work? Persuasion Part III: finish "Consulting" Structured Problem Solving (Case Method)

1.3.3. People, presentation & Persuasion Leadership (VIA) Rock the Room Parent Like A Teacher I'm A Business, Man: Managing the Brand of You Brand (You When You're Not There) Life is Emotions, and Relationships Are A Magnifier Everyone Needs Someone But Not All People Are Good For You Lion-Hearted Leadership Love Influence Organizing Networking Presentation Define your personal style Hygiene Assemble an outfit Understand clothes care

1.3.4. Project Management & Posting 80/20; Sturgeons Law Start, Suck, Sprint: How to Cultivate Discipline On Demand Strategic Planning & Execution Action

1.3.5. Producing Building a Business B. School Basics So You Want To Start A Non-Profit Build Your Board Fundraising With Integrity "Entrepreneurship" Side Hustle Handbook: Personal MBA "Investment Banking" Pave Your Path: How to... "Law School" "Architecture" "Cooking" MODULE 0 - THE SCIENCE OF HEALTH MODULE 1 - KITCHEN MODULE 2 - THE BAR MODULE 3 - GRILL MASTER MODULE 4 - BRINGING IT TOGETHER "Automechanics" automechanics drive stick shift Jump A Car Oil Change Wash/Detail Parallel Park "Engineering" Becoming A Black GMAT Assassain Math "Computer Science" Code "Scoutmaster" First Aid "Homemaking" HANDY 103 - "Some Assembly Required" Module 1 - Laundry Module 2 - Paint HANDY 104 - "Who Broke It?" Statistics & Data Analysis Statistical Understanding Excel Stata Data Visualization SPSS R SAS Information Systems Design PPT Personal Finance (PF) Financial Literacy Travel Hacking