[ The Blueprint to Better ]

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[ The Blueprint to Better ] by Mind Map: [ The Blueprint to Better ]

1. Building Your CV ("The Course of My Life")

1.1. Your Why: The Courage to be Vulnerable

1.2. Your What: The Clarity of your Vision

1.3. Your How

1.3.1. The Cultivation of your Vigor (MEDS)

1.3.2. The Conviction of your Values (MINDSET) Knowledge The ConnectED Universe Actual: Know Your Truth Mine Your Past (Conduct Interviews, 360 survey, Take Strengths Finder, innovato's dna, meyers briggs, iq, eq, etc...) Write Your Story of Self Aspirational BE COMMITED

1.3.3. The Command of Valuable Skills (MASTERY) Learn to Learn Anything: The Art (And Science) of Mastery How to Watch How to Listen How to Read Coaching/Learn from the Best Learn Anything (Tim Ferriss) Practice Problem Solving, Prototyping & Design Thinking Part 0: notice there's a problem Part I: decide to take action Part II: persuade others to follow you and your plan Part III: finish "Consulting" People, presentation & Persuasion Leadership (VIA) Rock the Room Parent Like A Teacher I'm A Business, Man: Managing the Brand of You Life is Emotions, and Relationships Are A Magnifier Lion-Hearted Leadership Presentation Project Management & Posting 80/20; Sturgeons Law Start, Suck, Sprint: How to Cultivate Discipline On Demand Strategic Planning & Execution Producing Building a Business "Entrepreneurship" "Investment Banking" Pave Your Path: How to... "Law School" "Architecture" "Cooking" "Automechanics" "Engineering" Becoming A Black GMAT Assassain "Computer Science" "Design" "Scoutmaster" "Homemaking" Statistics & Data Analysis Design Personal Finance (PF)