Sleeping on the job session 3

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Sleeping on the job session 3 by Mind Map: Sleeping on the job session 3

1. step 11

1.1. Review and evaluate

1.2. Group members

1.3. Chairman

1.4. Scribe

1.5. Tutor

1.6. Material

1.7. 10 minutes

2. Step 9

2.1. Review session 2

2.2. visualize the data and theory

2.3. mechanism flow chart

2.4. 20 minutes

3. Step 10

3.1. Management (for the individual)

3.1.1. behaivorl modification patient education wieght loss sleep position, non supine position stop smoking and alcohol and medication like benzo and antidepressent (mirtazapine) exersice avoiding heavy meal which compresses diphragm

3.1.2. pharmacological therapy donepezil nasal spray for nasal obstruction , anti histamine, for acute infection ace inhibitor for heart failure (captoprel), dirutics like furozamide, beta blockers for hypertention, acetazolamide increases ventaltory drive, modafinil for day time sleepiness,

3.1.3. OSA therapy positive airway pressure CPAP, constant pressure in respiratory cycle, fixed during night and auto-titrin has sensor that messure oxygen EPAP, constant pressure at end of expiratory cycle BPAP, different pressure during inspiration and expiration adaptive servo-ventilation oral appliance mandible advancment for mandible protrution which prevent mm relaxation tounge retaining device surgery failed to improve with previous interventions UPPP jaw surgery if obstruction was anatomical deformity then surgery is initial treatment

3.1.4. ongoing occupational therapist sleep study follow up with used devices

3.2. Prevention (for the population)

3.2.1. risk factor avoidance

3.2.2. educate public about causes of OSA

3.2.3. educate about sleep comfort

3.2.4. educate about alcohol, smoking, drugs

3.2.5. screening

3.2.6. educate family members about signs

3.3. 60 minutes