Imperialism in Africa

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Imperialism in Africa by Mind Map: Imperialism in Africa

1. Forms of Imperialism

1.1. Colony

1.1.1. A country or territory that is governed internally by a foreign power

1.2. Protectorate

1.2.1. A country or territory that is under the control of a foreign power but has its own internal government

1.3. Sphere of Influence

1.3.1. An area where a foreign power claims investment or trading privileges

1.4. Economic Imperialism

1.4.1. A less developed, but independent country controlled by private business interests

2. Imperial Management

2.1. Indirect Control

2.1.1. Controlled by local government officials. There was limited self rule. Had the goal to develop future leaders. The government was based off of European styles but have local rules.

2.2. Direct Control

2.2.1. Controlled by foreign officials. There was no self rule. Had the goal of assimilation. The government was based only on European styles.