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Motion by Mind Map: Motion

1. Equations

1.1. V(f)=V(i)+ a(x)t

1.2. Change in x=1/2[V(f)+V(i)]t

1.3. Change in x=V(i)t+1/2at^2

1.4. V(f)^2=V(i)^2+2a(delta)x

2. Acceration

2.1. Linear

2.1.1. Average Average Velocity/time interval

2.1.2. Instantaneous Change in velocity/a very small time interval

2.2. Units

2.2.1. meters per seconds squared

2.3. rate of change in velocity

3. Vectors

3.1. Displacement

4. Net Force

4.1. Constant

4.1.1. Acceration is Constant

4.2. Not Constant

4.2.1. The change in velocity has the same direction as the net force

5. Newton's Second Law

5.1. Force vector = mass scalar time acceration vector

5.2. Net Force is constant

5.2.1. F=ma

6. Velocity

6.1. Linear

6.1.1. Average Change in rate/Change in time

6.1.2. Instantaneous The displacement/a very small time change

7. Free Fall

7.1. No other forces but Gravitational

7.2. Weight

7.2.1. Mass x 9.8m/s/s

7.2.2. Apparent Weight Is Zero while in free fall Less then the Normal Force

7.3. Acceration is equal to g

7.4. Vector in x direction and y direction

7.4.1. Use equations to solve with vector addition