Major LEARNING theories (by Calvin, Kim & Phoebe)

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Major LEARNING theories (by Calvin, Kim & Phoebe) by Mind Map: Major LEARNING theories (by Calvin, Kim & Phoebe)


1.1. FOCUS on observable behaviors

1.2. PERCEPTION ABOUT MIND black box processes, mind process not important

1.3. LEARNING about stimulus and response

1.4. ROLE OF LEARNERS basically passive, responding to external stimulus

1.5. ROLE OF TEACHERS teachers design the learning environment and shape the behaviour by positive or negative reinforcement


2.1. FOCUS on cognitive processes

2.2. PERCEPTION ABOUT MIND mind as information processor

2.3. LEARNING about cognitive processes, cognitive development, problem-solving

2.4. ROLE OF LEARNERS learners process, store and retrieve information

2.5. ROLE OF TEACHERS teachers provide opportunities for students to process and connect new information with existing knowledge


3.1. FOCUS on knowledge creation and construction processes

3.2. PERCEPTION ABOUT MIND knowledge constructed in mind through assimilation and accommodation

3.3. LEARNING as a more open-ended learning experience for each learner. May not be the same for each learner.

3.4. ROLE OF LEARNERS learning is an active process; learners construct new ideas or concepts based upon their current/past experience

3.5. ROLE OF TEACHERS teachers provide learning environment; encourage learners to analyse, interpret, construct and discover information