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TAOTS Student Documentaries! by Mind Map: TAOTS Student Documentaries!
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TAOTS Student Documentaries!

Students will be highlighting the special, unique and extraordinary features of our beloved school in a partnership with our media literacy coach and school staff. In preparation for this exciting venture, in 2013, 4th grade students began writing personal essays based on the claim: TAOTS is a school unlike any other! They used a graphic organizer to plan and write essays with a thesis, 3 supporting reasons, and a conclusion. They used how/when examples, personal anecdotes, and conclusions that leave the audience thinking. In their 5th Grade Year they are shooting a series of documentaries, event videos and music videos and are going to assemble them all into one long video for their graduation!

Documentary Production Roles

Camera Operator

Script Writer

Narration Writer

Sound Monitor

Video Editor

Special Effects & Title Editor

Advertising and Promotion

What's a Documentary? (student discussion notes & "meta" videos)

What's a Documentary? Making of at TAOTS

Documentary Introduction; TAOTS 2013

Grade 4 Notes (Spring 2013)

Watch & Break Down Documentary Clips

Documentary Video Examples

Student Viewing Logs

What would be in a Documentary about TAOTS?

2015 Memoir Structure


4th grade Mini Documentary Scripts (2013)

These are sounding like persuasive writing. These could be persuasive narration mixed with raw interviews.

HAPPY Music Video for Graduation

Document This! Cluster

Alley Pond Trip: Action Shots

Philadelphia Trip Documentary

TAOTS Archive Highlights

How we will make & share our Documentaries?

We will make lots of short documentaries and put them together into one long movie.

Our Process

Where can we show it?

Who is our audience? Why should we make this?