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Health & Social Care Links (England) - 1 April 2013 by Mind Map: Health & Social Care Links
 (England) - 1 April 2013
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Health & Social Care Links (England) - 1 April 2013

Health & Social Care Bodies

NHS England

Key people at NHS England, Prof Malcolm Grant, Chair, Sir David Nicholson, CE, Paul Baumann – Chief Financial Officer, Ian Dalton CBE – Chief Operating Officer and Deputy Chief Executive (moving to BT), Professor Sir Bruce Keogh - National Medical Director, Jane Cummings – Chief Nursing Officer, Dame Barbara Hakin – National Director: Commissioning Development, Bill McCarthy – National Director: Policy, Jo-Anne Wass – National Director: Human Resources, Tim Kelsey – National Director for Patients and Information, Richard Barker – Regional Director (North), Andrea Young – Regional Director (South), Dr Paul Watson – Regional Director (Midlands and the East), Dr Anne Rainsberry – Regional Director (London), Key Staff in Directorates

Key documents & resources, Everyone Counts: Planning for Patients 2013/14, Everyone Counts: Introductory videos, Everyone Counts - pdf version, Everyone Counts - HTML version, Supporting Planning 2013/14 for CCGs, Everyone Counts: planning for patients 2013/14 - Technical definitions, CCGs: Planning template for 2013/14, NHS Allocations for 2013/14, Support packs for CCGs and LAs, Who pays? Determining responsibility for payments to providers, Quality premium 2013/14 - guidance for CCGs, Better data, informed commissioning, driving improved outcomes: clinical data sets, CCG outcomes indicator set, The CCG Outcomes Indicator Set 2013/14: at a glance, NHS outcomes framework and CCG outcomes indicators: Data availability table, The CCG Outcomes Indicator Set 2013/14: fact sheet, The CCG outcomes indicator set 2013/14 – Technical guidance, Draft NHS standard contract, Commissioning for quality and innovation (CQUIN) - 2013/14 draft guidance, Supporting planning for 2013/14 for Direct Commissioning, Plans for 2013/14, Doing more to listen to patients, Focusing on the outcomes of care, Improving knowledge and decision making, Rewarding good care, Getting NHS resources to those who need them, Patient and public engagement, Better Health, Better Experience, Better Engagement, Beyond consultation: a guide for health commissioners - How staff and service users can work together to improve health services, Patient Reported Outcome Measures (PROMs) for commissioners, Primary care commissioning and IT, Securing excellence in commissioning primary care – frequently asked questions, Securing excellence in commissioning primary care: Annex 2 tasks and functions, Enhanced services commissioning factsheet, Securing excellence in commissioning primary care, Securing excellence in commissioning primary care: Key facts, Primary care IT, Primary care IT Operating Model, Primary care IT factsheet, Primary care IT frequently asked questions, CCG Governance, Code of Conduct: Managing conflicts of interest where GP practices are potential providers of CCG commissioned services, Finance Governance Tool for Clinical Commissioning Groups, The CCG Outcomes Indicator Set 2013/14: Fact Sheet, Clinical data sets, CCG Learning and Support Tool, Sustainable development for CCGs, Procurement of healthcare (clinical) services: Briefings for CCGs, Introduction: Why do CCGs need to understand procurement?, Summary of the decision-making process., How should a procurement process be conducted?, Which rules apply to a procurement process?, What are the procurement options?, How does procurement fit with the different stages of commissioning?, Regulations on procurement, patient choice and competition, CCG Learning Network, CCG outcomes benchmarking packs, CCG Outcomes Indicator Set, Factsheet, At a Glance, Commissioning Support Units, Model Constitution for CCGs, NHS Clinical Commissioners (a coalition of the NHS Alliance, NAPC and NHS Confederation), Emergency Preparedness, Resilience and Response (EPRR), Commissioning Development Key Facts, Commissioning Fact Sheet (Oct 2012), CCG/CSU SLA, Strategic Clinical Networks, Integrated care, A narrative for person-centred coordinated (‘integrated’) care, Draft Narrative (Dec 2012), Arrangements for supporting research in primary and community care, Draft Discussion paper on research, Securing Excellence in GP IT Services, GP IT Factsheet, GP IT Services FAQs, Commissioning Resources Steering Group, Specialised Services Commissioning, Quality and Outcomes Framework, Quality and Outcomes Framework 2011/12, NICE: About the Quality and Outcomes Framework, CQUIN Guidance, Draft Guidance (Dec 2012), Quality Premium, NHS Standard Contract, NHS Standard Contract Published

Topics, Budget for 2013/14 (£95.6bn), CCG running costs allowances 2013/14, Details, Nationally commissioned services (£25.4bn), CCG budgets for 2013/14 (£65.6bn), NHS Allocations for 2013/14, Local Area Teams, Local Area Teams Staff Briefing Pack, Clinical Commissioning Groups, Authorisation Programme, Authorisation Waves, Wave 1, Wave 2, Wave 3, Wave 4, Resources for authorisation, Authorised CCGs - details, CCG List - 211 authorised to end of March 2013, Wave 1 authorisations, Summary outcomes document, More Wave 1 Information, Wave 1 Case Studies, Wave 2 authorisations, Wave 3 authorisations, Wave 4 authorisations, CCG Directory, CCG Maps, HSJ, Budget for 2013/14 (£65.6bn), NHS Allocations for 2013/14, List of CCGs with names, populations, current PCTs and running cost allowances, Legal issues around delegation (HSJ £), CCG Bulletins, NHS Commissioning Assembly, Public Health Commissioning, Specialised Services Commissioning, Consultation on specialised services, Consultation on service specifications and clinical policies, Clinical reference groups, Clinical reference groups - membership, Commissioning Support Units, Strategic Clinical Networks, Resources for Networks and Senates, The way forward: Strategic clinical networks, Clinical networks: FAQs, Strategic clinical networks - single operating framework, Strategic Clinical Networks - update (Nov 2012), Strategic Clinical Networks - FAQs, Clinical Senates, The Way Forward: Clinical Senates, Resources for Networks and Senates, Briefing Pack, Clinical Senates Update (Jan 2013), Operational delivery networks, Developing operational delivery networks - the way forward, Operational delivery networks - update (Dec 2012)


Monitor, Briefing on new role, Licensing arrangements, Licensing providers, Provider Licence

Care Quality Commission



National Institute for Health Research, NIHR Clinical Research Networks

Health Research Authority

Information, Advice and Guidance

The Information Centre for Health and Social Care

NHS Trust Development Authority



Healthwatch England, Local Healthwatch: A strong voice for people, Healthwatch England narrative, Local Healthwatch - A strong voice for people - the policy explained, Local Involvement Networks (LINKS)

Public Health

Public Health England

Health and Wellbeing Boards

A short guide to health and wellbeing boards

The King's Fund: Health and Wellbeing Boards

Joint Strategic Needs Assessment and joint health and wellbeing strategies explained

Local authorities (social care)

NHS allocation to social care 2013/14 (859m)


NHS Constitution

Views sought on strengthening NHS Constitution

Overview of responses to NHS Constitution consultation

NHS Constitution with Handbook

NHS and Social Care Act 2012

Health and Social Care Act explained - factsheets, Overview, Case for change, Overview of health and care structures, Scrutiny and improvements, Clinically-led commissioning, Provider regulation to support innovative and efficient services, Greater voice for patients, New focus for public health, Greater accountabilty locally and nationally, Modernising health and care public bodies, Support worker regulation, Tackling inequalities in healthcare, Promoting better integration of health and care services, Choice and competition, The role of the Secretary of State, Reconfiguration of services, Establishing new national bodies, Embedding research as a core function of the health service, Education and training, Regulations under the Act, Regulations on procurement, patient choice and competition, DH Response to legal opinions, The NHS Bodies and Local Authorities (Partnership Arrangements, Care Trusts, Public Health and Local Healthwatch) Regulations 2012, Health and Care System Explained (DH)

Draft Care and Support Bill 2013

Draft Care and Support Bill Published

Draft Care and Support Bill Factsheets

DH Caring for our future website

Draft Care and Support Bill scrutinised by joint committee, Written evidence

New Funding Reforms for Care and Support announcement, Dilnot Commission

National Health Service (Amended Duties and Powers) Bill

Francis Report on Mid Staffs

Department of Health Web Site

PM Statement on Mid-Staffs Inquiry

CQC response to Francis Report

Govt response to Mid-Staffs Report

Mandate and priorities

NHS Mandate

NHS Outcomes Framework, NHS Outcomes Framework 2013 to 2014 – focus on measuring health outcomes, The NHS Outcomes Framework 2013/14, The NHS Outcomes Framework 2013/14 - Technical Appendix

Any Qualified Provider

Operational Guidance to the NHS : extending patient choice of provider

Payment by Results 2013/14

GP contract

GP contract proposals outlined, BMA response to consultation

Digital Challenge and Paperless NHS

DH Digital Challenge Website, Jeremy Hunt challenges NHS to go paperless, Taking the hassle out of healthcare (video), Study highlights positive impact of technology

Integrated Care

A Narrative for person-centred, coordinated (‘integrated’) care

The King's Fund: Integrated Care

Nuffield Trust: Integrated Care

Personal health budgets

NHS Constitution

Consultation on NHS Constitution, Consultation Doc

Structure Maps & Lists

DH Circular map

NAO - NHS structure charts

Nuffield Trust

List of acute trusts

List of mental health trusts

Care trusts


Commissioning Hubs/Senates Map

Health & Wellbeing Boards Map

GP numbers

Any Qualified Providers, AQP Resource Centre, AQP Map

GP Online Map of CCGs

About this map - prepared by Mike Clark

Prepared by Mike Clark. Updated to 1 April 2013. Use mouse scroll to adjust size of map in browser. Links may change. Follow on Twitter @clarkmike