Egyptian Revolution Technology Used in Uprising 3.6 Digital Citzenship Bibb_LoNa_ 0003826725

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Egyptian Revolution Technology Used in Uprising 3.6 Digital Citzenship Bibb_LoNa_ 0003826725 by Mind Map: Egyptian Revolution Technology Used in Uprising 3.6 Digital Citzenship Bibb_LoNa_ 0003826725

1. IFLA - The International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions, the organization is independent, international, non-governement, non profit endorse the principles of freedom, and equitable access to information promote hight standard of provision and delivery of library service. Associated with UNESCO, united nations, International Council of Scientific Unions, World Intellectual Property Organization and many others

2. Shows the method of how the government shut off the network and later on play a negative event to counter the revolution

3. Small information size lets the Egyptian to continues to use small information exchange site like this in a rapid speed

4. You Tube provides visual of current events that was happening (Picture speaks a thousand words

5. The Mubarak government violated many elements like Digital Access – He switch off Router at individual ISP, disinformation by using the same tool like Facebook to create fake account by Public Figures. While Telecomix provide Digital Access

6. Even the communication was cut off 2 days after the start of the uprising. A group Telecomix gave a major helping hand to provide alternative and educate the Eyption about alternative like dial up modem (Ham Radio Chat rooms, collaborative writing tools.

7. Facebook

7.1. Using Public Figure to deliver misinformation

7.2. "6th April Youth Movement" The page has 53.000 members, and the group has 93.000 members.

7.3. "The Original Dostor" newspaper page

7.4. An nameless event of created for the Uprising

7.5. Egyptian-­born Ghonim went online and created a Facebook page. "We are all Khaled"

8. Internet Access

8.1. Switch off Router on at individual ISP

8.2. January 27, 2011 at 4:00 P.M

9. Communication without Network

9.1. Dial Up Modems

9.2. Amateur Radio (Ham Radio)

9.2.1. Morse Code Sent on short length frequencies

9.3. Telecomix (Inform other communications)

9.3.1. Chat rooms

9.3.2. Google / Collaborative writing tools

9.3.3. Sent out Wikileaks Cables to numbers

9.3.4. help receiving and decoding amateur radio msg

10. You Tube

10.1. "We are all Khaled" 61 video clips

11. In the Egyptian Revolution moment which powered by social networks. Success came with great ethic in digital citizenship. The groups spreads information and its ethic "stand 5 feet apart" no violence. Changed the title of "They Kill..." to "We are all..."

12. Direct Link to Collection of Creditable Sources and reason of their credibility

12.1. The Huffington Post reports the most popular News, Live Events, Technology, Lifestyle, Media Impacts, Politics and Religion etc.

12.2. Freedoom House are independently watching over our government expose things that are hidden by all means

12.3. The New York Times's Spring Awakening article provides great credential to look further about the impact on Ghonim and his impact with Facebook

12.4. Egyptian Revolution is a site form specially for the 2011 Egyption Revolution with public blogging / polls and updated, current impact photos. With source reference and some information I gathered here are interesting but some are great leads that can be verified by facts

12.5. Gatestone Institute is an international policy council dedicated to educating the public about the downside of mainstream media promoting human rights, energy independence and ensuring public stay informed of possible threats to our individual liberty, sovereignty and free speech

12.6. Simon Main Waring / We First also has publiced a book. Promote blogging and written articles with clear reference on their sources and link to the original source

12.7. CNN article's reports highlighted its facts and supports finding with direct link to related video. Quoting individual words

12.8. EBSCO host database reconfirmed the facts