Quadrant Homes

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Quadrant Homes by Mind Map: Quadrant Homes

1. Mobile

1.1. ( www.dol.wa.gov/m/ )

1.1.1. General flow and feel of site to match

2. Desktop

2.1. General Look/Feel

2.1.1. Template for search page Map Click-able to link to Community Page

2.1.2. Template for search results filterable by Community, Price Range, Number of Bedrooms, Number of Bathrooms, Agent

2.1.3. Template for single home page

2.1.4. Template for Non-Property (other info) pages

2.1.5. Template for Community pages Map Click-able to link to single Home Page PDF for Community MAP ??? When /Where is this coming in ??? ??? How dependable is it ??? ??? Should this be "produced via Database" rather than displayed via PDF ???

2.1.6. Facebook to sidebar

2.2. WP database

2.3. Property Database

2.4. ??? How to build URL based on search results ???

2.4.1. qh.com/[Community-Name]/[Plan-ID]/[Home-ID]

2.4.2. qh.com/comunities/[Community-Name]

3. Additional Sites

3.1. Evoke

3.1.1. QH Upper end Non-Related to QH Main site Will use Property Database Will have own WP Database

3.2. Urban

3.2.1. QH ??? Non-Related to QH Main Site Will Use Property Database Will have own WP Database

3.3. QH Reviews

4. Outbound Property Info

4.1. BDX

4.1.1. XML File ??? Figure out syntax for BDX ??? ??? Setup Cron-job to send XML file at least daily (check with BDX to find out how often they can accept the file) ??? Only include "current" listing for BDX (none that have been pulled or marked for removal)

4.2. MLS

4.2.1. ?????

4.3. Any Other 3rd party

4.3.1. ?????

5. Property Database

5.1. Back-end interface

5.1.1. Internal Reports Client states no reports will be needed Each top-level page with in the db interface will have it's corresponding reporting

5.1.2. Input Interface Add A Community Choose Website (QH/Evoke/Urban) for community (allow more than 1) Uploads Data to be stored Assumptions MADE Add A Plan Uploads Data to store Assumptions MADE Add A Home Choose the Community that this home is in Choose the Plan the home is based on (only 1) Assumptions MADE Add A Sales Office Will need to set up preview from back-end ( This should be all of the sales office info display neatly (with edit buttons next to each element)) Choose the community that the sales office serves (ONLY 1) Data to be stored Assumptions MADE Add An Agent Choose the sales office that the agent serves (allow more than 1) Uploads Data to be stored Assumptions MADE

5.2. Database Structure and relationships

5.2.1. Link Here to DB design


5.3.1. BDX downloads and host images and videos (no need to allow access to properties db)

5.3.2. Any additional sites needing images/video will need to be provided with an XML file and ftp-get from a url. ( No access to properties db)