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Open Networking Room @ Cascadia Convergence by Mind Map: Open Networking Room @ Cascadia Convergence
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Open Networking Room @ Cascadia Convergence

Network Space Offerings

Conversation Tables

number for easy coordination

have pens/pencils/pads

Greeting/info/checkin table, clear/big signage, Nathan + Tova, list of gatherings/event occuring now, orientation/direction, Near the laptop kiosk

Wall Displays

Maps, WiserEarth Areas of Focus, Summary of the Events

Green October Display

Interactive network Art table/display


Coffee/Tea, cr. & sug, Tully's service/for sale?



Space for Meditation, canopy w/tapestry draped sides

Space for Being 1 on 1 and with Others

lighting, rope & twinkle, adjust overheads


PSCC, Order a Puget Sound Community Card, get involved - volunteer signup

WiserEarth, Create a Person Profile, Join a Group

Year on Dialogoe and Deliberation

Community Directory and Networking Forum

Cascadia Portal

Alter/table for Habib's Garden



Network Stations

display areas of focus on near wall


4, Tova

Signup to bring lap top, Malcolm (while I am there)

Projector & Screen

PA & mike stands

CD player for music

water signs,

Decorations: drapes, pillows, room dividers, screens, color

see offerings/ambiance


Can we serve tea and coffee?

Who are all the organizations that are involved?

Please explain the exhibitions?

Are any of these groups selling anything?

No sales, just outreach

our affiliated organizations

Exhibition Section Tables

Puget Sound Community Change

Order Forms

Beneficiary Descriptions


Who else will be tabling here?

22 tables as of now

Materials to be Produced

WiserEarth Take Away

Personal instruction card for getting back to WiserEarth



Room Guests

if you are looking for a place to, converse with others, informal groups, dialog and conversation, conversation cafe, world cafe, be by oneself, meditative, reflective, a place to add oneself to Wiser, learn about the community as a whole, exhibition tables, wall displays, presentations of WiserEarth, community directory and networking forum

Room Hosts

Interra Project, Tova Ramer, Brittany, Nathan, Jon Ramer, Brad DeGraf

Sustainable Cascadia, Malcolm, Syd, Sheri Herndon, Sandra

Sustainable Seattle, Chantal Stevens

Friends and Partners, Joel Levey, Michelle Levey

Sign up for hosting staff, 8-9 a.m., set-up, Tova, Brittany, Jon, Nathan, Joel after 10am, Malcolm bringing plants 7 a.m., 9-11, Tova, 10-12, 12-2, 1-3, 2-5, 5-7, close & clean

There's a space for...

Video Cameras to record attendees


Notebook computers to join WiserEarth



Tables and chairs for conversations


Light refreshments to enjoy and escape the convergence

beverage items, Adina

Acoustic music (live and recorded) to open hearts

PA and Mic Stands

CD player

Exhibitor tables to share work


Wall displays to educate attendees


adhesive tape

A video projector to present WiserEarth



Information table