Road to Rankin's Point

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Road to Rankin's Point by Mind Map: Road to Rankin's Point

1. Rituals, tradition and continuity

1.1. Rituals

1.2. Tradition

1.3. Continuity

2. The significance of place and family

2.1. Place

2.2. Family

3. The transience of modern existance

3.1. impermanence of material world

3.2. changes in society and culture

4. The relationship between past and present

4.1. past

4.2. present

5. The story discusses the impersonal nature of the global world, for example, using the event of a car crash to show how people are disconnected from each other telling how the authorities 'have to search the glove compartments' to discover the identity of the driver, compared to the local, were everyone knows everyone.

6. The family annually visits Callum's grandmother at rankin's point, in hopes of making her move from her household, showing how they feel the local world she lives in is too harsh for her frail body

7. Callum does not fully believe that a retirement home is a good place for his grandmother, as the local world holds a special place in his heart, and he feels that the retirement home is a way of getting rid of the problem, involving moving her to a place where she can die, especially due to the fact of his own mortality.

8. The death of the grandmother, at the 'little turn of sadness' is very similar to the death of the grandfather, some decades beforehand, showing how she is connected to both place, and family.

9. The grandmother is symbolic of the local world in this story, living in her house, disconnected from the world, and her death is representative of the fading of the local world.

10. Throughout the story, the grandmother's animals are constantly shown, and they are depicted as fattening and aging animals, which no longer have any use and have 'become almost as pets' in contrast to the harsh working life the animals once lived. This shows how the local world is being made obsolete by the global world

11. The playing of the song during the gathering of the family within the story shows how the local world still influences and is important in the global world