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Market Research and Customer Discovery by Mind Map: Market Research and
Customer Discovery
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Market Research and Customer Discovery


How to Identify a Lean Startup

Pirate Metrics


Austin Lean Startup Meetup

Market Research World

The Lean Startup Circle

Lean Startup Wiki


The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Customer Development

Steve Blank

April Dunford

Ash Maurya

Eric Ries


Fred Wilson

Company Information

Dun & Bradstreet


Risk Management Associates (RMA)

SEC company info

Yahoo Finance

Consumer Information

Segment info by zipcode

US Census info

American time use survey

News searches

Wall Street Journal

Industry Information

Buy USA by Industry

Biz Stats

SBA business guides by industry

Federal Stats

Industry information

Search all federal websites

Site Selection geographic information

Database of associations (often free info available)

Make Additions

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The Four Steps to the Epiphany

The Black Swan

Crossing the Chasm

Twitter Hashtags