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Startup Contracts by Mind Map: Startup Contracts
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Startup Contracts

Contract Quiz (just for fun)


The Entrepreneur's Legal Companion

Law (In Plain English) For Entrepreneurs

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Venturebeat: The Legal Checklist Every Startup Should Read Five legal Mistakes you can't afford to make

Secrets to Business Contract: Use the company name

Business Structure

Entrepreneur: Choose Your Business Structure

Startup Garage: Your Startup’s Pre-Launch Checklist: Legal Entity

Top 5 Mistakes in Forming Your Corporation

Choose a Lawyer

Guy Kawasaki: The Top Ten (Sixteen) Lies of Lawyers

Huffington: Startup Lawyers: Key Questions To Ask Before Hiring One

Nolo: How to Find an Excellent Lawyer

Video: Practical Legal Advice

Strategic Partnerships

11 Ways To Successfully Work With Strategic Partners

10 top tips for getting the best from strategic partnering

Founder Agreements

Video: Five Steps to a Successful Partnerships

WSJ: How to start a business with a partner

How to pick a co-founder

MIT: Issues in Structuring Relationships Among Members of the Founder Team

Top Five Issues to Agree in Shareholders’ Agreement Between the Founders

10 Rules for better founding teams


SBA: Employment Law Basics (Collection of Links)

10 Steps to Hiring Your First Employee

Findlaw: Losts of links and example forms

Selling the Business

Ten Tips for Selling Your Business

The ins and outs of selling your business [infographic]



The Lowdown on Business Loans

Asking Friends and Family for Financing

The Basics of Convertible Debt

National Venture Capital Association: Model Legal Documents