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Negotiation by Mind Map: Negotiation
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Tips and lists

5 Things You Should Never Say While Negotiating

Harvard Negotiation Project: 5 Lasting Rules For Negotiating Anything

Preparing for Licensing Negotiations: Four Hot Tips for Start-ups

Ten Tips for Negotiating in 2012

Top 10 Negotiation Tips

Walk out a winner: negotiation tips for women

Leading Women in Negotiation

Deborah Kolb

Deborah Tannen

Linda Babcock and Sara Laschever

Kathleen Reardon

Off the beaten path

A Handbook of Rhetorical Devices

Negotiating International Business

The Memo Every Woman Keeps in Her Desk, Kathleen Reardon (Registration required)

Three Nonverbal Keys to Negotiating


Becoming a Skilled Negotiator, Kathleen Reardon

Getting to Yes, Roger Fisher

Her Place at the Table, Deborah M. Kolb Ph.D.

Start with NO..., Jim Camp

The StreetSmart Negotiator, Harry Mills


The Ultimate Negotiation Quiz

International Negotiation Quiz

What is your negotiation style?

Determine Your Negotiating Style

How Good a Negotiator Are You?


Deborah Kolb: Key to Effective Negotiations for Women, Stanford

Negotiating Women By Vicki Flaugher and Victoria Pynchon