Salary Negotiators' Sales Funnel

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Salary Negotiators' Sales Funnel by Mind Map: Salary Negotiators' Sales Funnel

1. Get them in the Funnel: How I Capture their Contact Information to Create and Nurture a Relationship with them

1.1. Email capture from website

1.1.1. At the end of blog posts asking if people want to subscribe to future posts

1.1.2. Email subscription box on blog

1.1.3. Free report on best data sources for salary research in exchange for email

1.1.4. People who sign up to hear about future developments with salary negotiation simulation project.

1.1.5. People who participate in a contest to win free services.

1.1.6. If someone randomly contacts me from my website.

1.2. In person seminars

1.2.1. Collect emails from each participant when they sign in.

1.3. Webinar

1.3.1. Will capture the emails of viewer if I don't have them already

1.4. Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn

1.4.1. Pay attention to my connections feeds, comment on them, engage with them.

1.4.2. Post interesting and engaging content on my feed.

2. Top of the Funnel: How People Become Aware of My Existence

2.1. Organic Google search

2.2. Twitter post

2.3. Facebook posting: business/personal sites

2.4. Google+ post

2.5. LinkedIn Connections

2.5.1. Linkedin Groups

2.6. Guest Blog post

2.7. My comment on another blog

2.8. A site that linked to mine

2.9. Word of mouth

2.9.1. referral from previous customer

2.9.2. friend who talks about me

2.9.3. when it comes up in my conversations

2.9.4. testimonials from clients

2.10. Seminar at their university/club/group

2.11. Speaking engagement

2.12. Participate as a guest in a webinar or web event

2.13. Prosperity's Kitchen contest

3. Nurturing the Relationship

3.1. Email autoresponder sequence

3.2. Emailing as a human

3.3. host seminars and webinars

3.4. write engaging blog posts

3.5. Anticipate clients' needs and help them find solutions

4. Purchase Custom Analysis & Coaching Package

4.1. provide an excellent product and customer experience

4.2. ask for referrals

4.3. Obtain a testimonial