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Shock by Mind Map: Shock
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80 year old female, fell and fractured her hip.  Since her ORIF 10 days ago, has had a foley catheter to gravity drainage. Source:  Lewis, S. (2007).  Medical-surgical nursing:  Assessment and management of clinical problems (7th ed.). Philadelphia, PA: Mosby Elsevier.


Regardless of the cause of shock, the end result is decreased tissue perfusion and impaired cellular metabolism

Low Blood Flow

Maldistribution of Blood Flow

Signs & Symptoms

stages of shock

body systems



Nursing Diagnoses

Inneffective tissue perfusion r/t

Fear r/t

Collaborative Care

Early Recognition

Correct the underlying cause

Prevent organ dysfuntion

Multisystem supportive care


Oxygen and Ventilation

Fluid Resuscitation

Drug Therapy

Nutritional Therapy