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Creative brief LET ME TELL YOU ABOUT US: We are shopping cart software developer. We've built the premium "marketing cart" and our tag line is: a cart for marketers, by marketers. We have the most advanced and most powerful tools in any shopping cart available, and now we need an awesome website to match. HERE IS WHAT WE NEED: We need a new website with a home page design and an internal page design. The home page needs to be clean & bold, with plenty of white space and a simple navigation menu. The internal page should have a sub-navigation structure for use with nested features, etc. OUR TARGET AUDIENCE IS: Our primary audience is internet marketers, either working from home or in their own office. They have anywhere from 0 - 10 employees and are mostly concerned with: ease of use and advanced features that make them money. WE LIKE THESE DESIGNS: Here are a bunch of sites we like in the approximate order we like them: (home page only - i hate the internal pages) (minus ads at top) WE ABSOLUTELY MUST HAVE (or we don't want to see) THIS IN OUR DESIGN: Please do not submit a mockup with stock photos in it. We do not want and will not use or accept any designs that incorporate stock photos. Instead - think web 2.0. Please include and incorporate our logo (attached) into your mockups, so we can get a good idea of what it will really look like and how it will mesh. Update 28-Apr-09, 1:59pm CDTPlease don't use stock templates. We will NOT choose your design if it's not 100% original, unique and extremely high quality. Forget web 2.0 - think 3.0. Here's an example of a recent design we had commissioned that we are happy with: * This is one of our existing brands, and we're very happy with it. We need our corporate brand to be *even better* than this!Update 28-Apr-09, 2:04pm CDTWith regard to home page elements, content, menu items, etc, you can model this site:http://MarketersCart.comUpdate 30-Apr-09, 7:37pm CDTPlease do not copy the layout of the above example. If we just wanted a different color on the exact same thing, we could easily do accomplish this. What we want is a fresh, new and different approach to the same content and elements. Not just a re-hashing on the existing design.Update 30-Apr-09, 7:52pm CDTI probably should have said web 3.0, instead of web 2.0, as we are not looking for shiny and glossy. The new web 2.0 is no longer shiny & glossy, but I probably shouldn't have referenced it to avoid confusion. Take a look at This is a web 2.0 site, but they have moved past the shiny, glossy web 2.0 cliche design elements. Head in this direction, please.Update 5-May-09, 1:44pm CDTIt seems like no one is looking at the 15 examples of sites we like: (home page only - i hate the internal pages) (minus ads at top) And only looking at the 1 example of a site we already have ( ) and basically copying it. PLEASE look at the sites we like, take into account the notes we've given and use the content ONLY from the site we already have . . . and give us something unique and original. Thanks!Update 6-May-09, 1:24pm CDTIf you will be using screen shots from inside the system, please take them from this demo account: (not from the demo on marketers cart). Also, be sure to replace any mention of marketerscart with Cydec (i.e. in the copyright notice, etc). Thanks for all the great submissions!Update 7-May-09, 2:23am CDTIf you've submitted and received feedback from me, please make your revisions. the feedback I've given is intended to get you into the final round. All submissions that end at 4 stars will be put to a vote among our users - this is how we chose our logo and the process was great. So, if you have a 3 star rating and I've given feedback, your revision should get you to a 4. From there it's up to the public to decide... If you haven't submitted yet, the best thing to do is look at all the 3 star submissions and read my comments. Between that and the examples, given here you should be able to come up with something to get into the final vote. I'll also be checking in and giving feedback throughout the day tomorrow until this project closes. Thanks for everyone for all your great work so far and thank you in advance for all that's to come! Sincerely,  Dustin PS We will also need quite a few variations for our "Private Label" resellers, so even if you don't win this project, if you make it to the final round we can talk about buying your design, anyway. Good luck!Update 11-May-09, 9:23pm CDTTwo notes: 1. Many of you had trouble getting things uploaded last week due to CS issues. So they have extended projects affected by this - which why this project is open again.  If you were trying to get revisions or submissions in and ran out of time because of the CS issue, please feel free to submit them now. 2. What we've done with the ratings is: * 5 Stars are the best of the best and complete * 4 Stars are the best of the best and waiting for minor revisions or internal pages * 3 Stars are either waiting for bigger revisions OR didn't quite make the 4 Star cut-off Everything below 3 Stars is pretty much just to keep 3, 4 & 5 stars cleared so we know what's what. So if you had a 3 or 4 star submission that got "downgraded" - don't worry. That's because we also moved a similar or more recent submission of yours up from 3 to 4 or from 4 to 5. Thanks again to everyone for all your hard work!




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