Faithful Elephants

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Faithful Elephants by Mind Map: Faithful Elephants

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1.1. He killed the elephants

1.2. The characters would make the elephants come back alive with some magic potion.

1.3. I would rewrite it so that one of my friends stops the bombing.

1.4. I would give him another special three elephants because he killed the other three.

1.5. I would eliminate the people who started the bomb because there the reason who made the elephants die. This would change the whole story.

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2.1. Personal beliefs are a theme in this book because the zookeeper thinks that the elephants are going to destroy the city so they kill them.

2.2. Yes the zookeepers thinks that the elephants are the most important animals

2.3. Yes he sacrifice his elephants for being wild and free so he just kills them

3. My personal thoughts are they should have kept the elephants and sent them to another zoo far away from them were there isn't war.

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5. An Important statement is when the zoo keepers said "What would happen if bombs hit the zoo?" This is important because this means they have to kill the elephants

6. Elephants represents entertainment for the public.They have to die because war is going on and they think the bombs are going to destroy there cage.The elephants are going to run around the city and destroy more stuff.

7. Three elephants,have to die,war going on, owners making them die,starvation,poisons ,finnaly died,tombstone