Faithful Elephant

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Faithful Elephant by Mind Map: Faithful Elephant

1. By: Ablante Eyob, 3/4, Mod4B6A

2. Theme Q4: The zookeeper who cared for the elephants helped. How he did it was feed them a little when he was supposed to starve them, hoping they would survive long enough for the war to end.

3. Theme Q3: Yes at some point cruelty and inhumanity does show in as one of the themes in the book.

4. Theme Q2: Cruelty and Inhumanity still exists in the world today. What we could to reach out and try to stop this is help out around the community, and help the poor and people in need and show kindness and happiness to all.

5. Theme Inhumanity Q1: What it means to really understand others is knowing their pain and know what their going through.

6. Q4: There is no protagonist in the story it's just a story told of past events but the closest one is the zookeeper who tried to keep the elephants alive by feeding them a bit.

7. Q3: The decision to kill the elephants made by the zookeeper owner. I disagree with this decision if the elephants were trained and tamed if they could break and run wild they wouldn't.

8. Q2: I was surprised when the zookeeper disobeyed orders to starve them and fed the elephants a bit of food so they can survive a tad longer

9. Character Bookmark 1, Q1: I think the elephants Tonky and Wanly are the honest characters sine they are very faithful to their owners even when they were starving them.

10. My personal thoughts on the book was very touching yet sad, almost like trying to kill a target that's a family member it's just undoable.

10.1. My reaction was it almost kinda made me cry but I did feel a slight heaviness on my chest was very nice to read something like this.

11. Faithful

11.1. Memorial

11.1.1. Sorrow Death Pity

12. Elephant Trick, Banzai: The elephants begging for food

12.1. Stone with a bow on it: In memorial for the animals that died there

13. "Stop the war! Stop the war! Stop all wars!" The significance is that in the sorrow and rage of the zoo keepers wanted the war to end so the animals can be rid of these deaths.

13.1. "What would happen if bombs hit the zoo? If cages were broken and dangerous animals escaped to run wild through the city, it would be terrible!" The significance in this phrase is that there was no other way that all the dangerous animals that might run wild had to be killed.