Bullying in the Workplace

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Bullying in the Workplace by Mind Map: Bullying in the Workplace

1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TZcWqRqac9Q

2. Take Action

2.1. Keep a diary detailing the nature of the bullying (e.g., dates, times, places, what was said or done and who was present)

2.2. Obtain copies of harassing / bullying paper trails; hold onto copies of documents that contradict the bully’s accusations against you (e.g., time sheets, audit reports, etc.)

3. Examples of Workplace Bullying

3.1. Being treated differently than the rest of your work group

3.2. Excessive monitoring or micro-managing

3.3. Exclusion or social isolation

3.4. Unwarranted or invalid criticism

3.5. Blame without factual justification

3.6. Being shouted at or being humiliated

3.7. Being sworn at

4. How Bullying Affects People

4.1. Financial problems due to absence

4.2. High stress; post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

4.3. Musculoskeletal problems

4.4. Sleep and digestive disturbances

4.5. Reduced self-esteem

4.6. Phobias

4.7. Increased depression /self-blame

5. How to Regain Control

5.1. Recognize that you are being bullied

5.2. Realize that you are NOT the source of the problem

5.3. Recognize that bullying is about control, and therefore has nothing to do with your performance.

6. Workplace bullying often involves an abuse or misuse of power. Bullying behavior creates feelings of defenselessness and injustice in the target and undermines an individual’s right to dignity at work.

7. All references sources are accredited to the Washington State Department of Labor and Industries