Bullying in the workplace

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Bullying in the workplace by Mind Map: Bullying in the workplace

1. Use Cases & Templates

1.1. Personal Todo List

1.2. Vacation Planning

1.3. Meeting Minutes

1.4. Project Plan

1.5. more...

2. workplace bullying is causing problems for many individuals in the workplace

3. http://youtu.be/Q5lvyopCAr4

4. tp://youtu.be/TZcWqRqac9

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5. workplace bullying involves a non-stop pattern that continues for a long period of time.

6. bullying involves intimidation and abusive behavior towards a certain individual that takes place at work.

7. bullying in the workplace involves perpetual harassment towards another person, that creates a pattern that lasts for an extensive amount of time.

8. Bullying in the workplace is an issue that caues problems all throughout the world.

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10. Workplace bullying is a very serious issue that takes place all throughout the world

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