Bullying in the Work Place

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Bullying in the Work Place by Mind Map: Bullying in the Work Place

1. http://youtu.be/MC32nbGVuJM

1.1. Work interference- Prevents from getting work done

2. Workplace bullying is driven by perpetrators' need to control targeted individuals

2.1. Sabotage

3. Offensive conduct

3.1. Threatening, Humiliation, Intimidation

4. Undermines legitimate business when bullies personal agendas take priority over work itself.

5. Verbal Abuse

5.1. Workplace bullying is similar to domestic violence at work, where the abuser is on the payroll.

6. 5 Ways to identify a Workplace Bully

6.1. 1. He or she doesn’t believe in following the rules that society dictates, in any capacity.

6.2. 2.A bully craves negative attention.

6.3. 3. Bullies seek to put people down by manipulating and degrading them in front of their peers.

6.4. 4. Bullies seek power.

6.5. 5. Bullies spread untrue rumors in the workplace, seethe with disrespect toward their victims and refuse to listen to a victim in any capacity.

7. Workplace bullies tend to have split personalities...."The Strange Case of Jekyll and Hyde"

7.1. Split Personality: Flattering and respectful in public. Evil behind closed doors