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Revenge by Mind Map: Revenge

1. Victor

1.1. on his creature

1.1.1. why? Killed Henry, Justine, William, and Elizabeth especially after elizabeth

2. Creature

2.1. On his creator/ humans in general

2.1.1. why? rejected by de Lacey family and by own creator.

2.1.2. how? Outruns victor, and he suffers and dies

3. Rick

3.1. On all Nexus 6 models, except maybe the one that he falls in love with

3.1.1. why? because it's his job to, but is actually kind of afraid to kill them. They don't have empathy, so if he doesn't kill them, than they will keep killing others

3.1.2. how? kills Pris and other nexus models.

4. Roy

4.1. on Rick Deckard, or humans in general that don't help him (J.F.)

4.1.1. why? Rick killed Pris, the woman he loves, and humans made him and people of his kind suffer.

4.1.2. how? teaches rick a lesson, makes him feel sympathetic for his suffering, right before he dies

4.2. On humans, before he dies

4.2.1. because Tyrell would not let him live longer