Difficult circumstances session 3

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Difficult circumstances session 3 by Mind Map: Difficult circumstances session 3

1. step 11

1.1. Review and evaluate

1.2. Group members

1.3. Chairman

1.4. Scribe

1.5. Tutor

1.6. Material

1.7. 10 minutes

2. Step 9

2.1. Review session 2

2.2. visualize the data and theory

2.2.1. risk factors age most common in chuldren due to low immunity ( 4-5 years ) ethnicity aboriginal Australian environment lives in a rural area, over crowded , moving to overcrowded house ) economic status hyagen malnutrietion low access to medical care smoking second hand smoking

2.2.2. chest infection (pnuemonia ) inflamatory response in lung ( increase WBC count ) (nosocomial , or aspiration ) respiratory distress all other complications LRTI increase mucos production over all infection causing diarrhea

2.2.3. previous adenovirus infection

2.3. 20 minutes

3. Step 10

3.1. Management (for the individual)

3.1.1. goals of treatment eradication of infection realief pain controlling vital signs prevent complications nutrition supplement fast recovary

3.1.2. initial manegment when should children get hospitalized hyopoxemia less than 905 dehydration RR more than 50 complication cardiopulmonary diseases CURP 65 PORS pharmacological the most common of CAP THE STANDERED is the use of amoxacillin floroquenons macrolied with betalactum for MRSA betalactimase inhibitor nificillen clendamysin Analgesia IV fluid VITAMIN supliment using antibiotics last for ( up to 7-10 ) days serum electrolight level Dietetion is required oral antibiotics , will give a lot of side effects more than IV review the X- RAY TO SEE IF THERE IS NO IMPROVEMENT ( after 2 days ) skin lesion non-pharmacological pnuemonia OM education for family

3.2. Prevention (for the population)

3.2.1. primary prevention vaccination pneumococcal vaccination H.influenzae givin to people at risk influenza viros vaccine danger passive smoking education healthy nutrition General hygiene dental hygiene self hygiene environmental modification prevent cold weather avoid crowded places proper ventilation

3.2.2. secondary prevention Screening for OM Hearing loss test

3.2.3. screening for pregnant woman FOR GBS

3.3. 60 minutes