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Green Computing by Mind Map: Green Computing
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Green Computing

Methodological Review

Research Data

Secondary Data, External, Authenticity, Published Material, Websites, Forums, Company Websites, Computerized Databases, Academic Websites, Online Articles and Publications, Books, Journals, Magazines, Newspaper, Online, Library, Social / Professional Networking, Professional Discussions, References to literature sources, Interview requests, Group memembership of relevant topics / industries, Newsletters and notifications, Online subscriptions, Internal (Organization), Access Limitations, Non-disclosure Agreements, Permission / Copyright Issues

Primary Data, Qualitative, Company Interview, Industry Relevance, Role of Interviewee, Company Business, Company Size, Focus Groups, Quantitative, Limited access to relevant people, Too time consuming, Geographical Location Issues, Money Constrains


Online Calendar, Groups, Document Sharing



XML - Reference Sharing

MindMaster - Idea Sharing

Weekly student meetings, Record Meeting Minutes, Agenda Discussion, Milestone Discussion, Raising Issues / Urgency, Planning & Projecting (Timeline)

Academic Advisor, Emails, Sharing links to documents, resources, ideas, mindmaps, ...


Understanding Issues

Explore pre-requisites

Prove / Disprove claims and role of Green IT


Work Experience

Personal Interest

Voluntary Work