Faithful elephants

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Faithful elephants by Mind Map: Faithful elephants

1. My personal thoughts

1.1. Even if the zoo got bombed the elephants wouldn't have killed anyone bacause of there training

1.1.1. They dident have to kill the elelphants

2. Important statements

2.1. The elephants doing a trick to get food from there trainer

2.1.1. When the zoo keeper yells stop the war stop stop all the wars

2.1.2. The zookeeper was mad because they killed his elephants because of the war

3. Important symbols

3.1. The tombstone

3.1.1. The dangerous animals being put down and the elephants

3.1.2. What went on in the holocost

3.2. Introduces the story

4. Key words

5. Elelphants

5.1. War

5.1.1. Zoo People Army

6. theme bookmark. the story was telling the story of three elephants that were killed because of war t

7. charter bookmark. the elephant trainer in the story showed that he relay cared about the elephants and was sad hen they passe away