Faithful Elephants

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Faithful Elephants by Mind Map: Faithful Elephants

1. Character Bookmark

1.1. John survived some of the ways they tried to kill him because he knew what to do and not do. But he still died when they starved him. One of the keepers narrated the book. The author probably did that so the story could be expressed more. When the keeper patted the elephants grave, he was sad but when he was with the other elephants he was happy. I have no reason to like anyone the best, but my favorite elephant was John. If I was a keeper, I would have just sent all the animals somewhere else.

2. Theme Bookmark: Inhumanity

2.1. To understand others means that you can relate to them or see their side of things. It also means that you know how they feel. Yes, inhumanity and cruelty exist today. Not too long ago, I learned that in India, female babies are killed if the are not wanted. Also, children and animals are abused in the world today. Each of us could help in our own ways. We could have a correction club or something could be done to put these people away and get them help. In my book cruelty is present, but not purposely. The keepers of a zoo were forced to starve three elephants because they would hurt someone if they escaped during the war. Eventually, the keepers can't stand treating them like this, so they try to feed them, but the elephants still die.

3. Personal Thoughts

3.1. This story was very sad. However it was inspiring in a way. It showed how even when things look grim, never give in and keep going.

3.2. I know the Cherries represent something, I just don't know what...

4. Important Statement

4.1. "He was still patting the tombstone Tenderly as the cherry blossoms fell on the grave, like snow flakes."

4.1.1. This statement from the story shows how peaceful and sad what had happened was.

5. Important Symbols and there meanings

5.1. John Refuses to eat poisoned potatoes.

5.2. Tonky and Wonky beg and do tricks for food

5.3. This symbolizes the struggle for survival.

5.4. J

6. Key Words and Phrases

6.1. Faithful

6.2. Terrible

6.3. Every night

6.4. Death

6.5. Sad shape

6.6. Pitiful

6.7. Little strength

6.8. Elephants