Boxes for Katje

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Boxes for Katje by Mind Map: Boxes for Katje

1. Important Symbols and Their Meanings

1.1. The pictures of Mayfield, Montana are important because they show how sending boxes has affected the people living there.

1.2. Other than that, there are no more important symbols that pertain to this story. But the pictures on each of the pages show a developing friendship, and an act of kindness.

2. Key Words and Phrases

2.1. With so little so food in Holland

2.2. Rosie's box brightened my day

2.3. After the war

2.4. Sugar is not found in Holland these days

3. Important Statements

3.1. Rosie's box brightened Katje's day because they did not have the certain luxuries that Rosie sent them

3.2. There was no sugar in Holland probably because of World War II

3.3. There is probably only a little bit of food because of the war

4. Personal Thoughts and Reactions

4.1. I think that the tulip bulbs were a very good gift because even though Katje and her neighbors didn't have much

4.2. It's really amazing how much the efforts of one person led to a whole community chipping in to help people they don't even know. It's incredible to think about.

5. Character Bookmark

5.1. I'd you have to choose to be of these character whom would you chooses and why?

5.1.1. I would be Katje but as boy version. I would choose this character because this character is the one who is receiving the boxes from America.

5.2. Do any of the character remind you of anyone you know?

5.2.1. Rosie reminds me of my mother. She sends boxes to the Philippines to give our relatives some luxuries and expensive things that some of them could not afford.

5.3. How would you feel if you were one of the characters in the book?

5.3.1. I would feel happy and relieved that other people care because if I lived in Olst and I had to live in poor conditions and eat the same thing every single day then yeah, I would be happy that these people took some of their time to send things that me and my people need or want.

5.4. How do the actions of the character tell you about his/her personality?

5.4.1. I can tell from Katje's actions that she has lived a simple life and she is unselfish. She gave out or shared the things she got from the box. She asked for a little bit more just so that she could give more things to her family and friends. Even more so, she sent tulip bulbs to her friend! She didn't have much but she still sent those! If that doesn't make her the most unselfish person ever then I don't know what will. Katje, to put it in a way the perfect example of a good person

5.5. Create a new problem for the characters.

5.5.1. One of the boxes y

6. Theme Bookmark: Personal Beliefs

6.1. Explain how the idea of personal beliefs is a theme in this book.

6.1.1. Personal beliefs are important in this book, because personal beliefs saved a town and it's people.

6.2. Do any of the main characters appear to have a strong set of personal beliefs? Explain.

6.2.1. I think that Rosie has a strong set of personal beliefs because she kept sending boxes to Holland to support her friend and her neighbors. She sent bigger and bigger boxes with more and more things to Katje

6.3. For the character in this story, is there any belief he/she would sacrifice for?

6.3.1. I think Rosie would sacrifice a lot of things because she feels that the people in Holland need those things more than she does.