The Monday Knight's 13 Resolutions for LIfe (Click the '+' signs to explore)

A topical Bible study based on Orrin Woodward's book Resolved.

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The Monday Knight's 13 Resolutions for LIfe (Click the '+' signs to explore) by Mind Map: The Monday Knight's 13 Resolutions for LIfe (Click the '+' signs to explore)

1. The 13 Principles

1.1. Benjamin Franklin, George Washington and Jonathan Edwards each made their life choice based on a list of personal resolutions. Orrin Woodward identified the following 13 Principles as common to each gentleman’s list. What we find most compelling is that the principles are first highlighted in the Bible. We believe that through the Bible, God provided the answers to life’s most important questions, and a life of fulfillment, significance and legacy is available to anyone who studies and applies these 13 Biblical principles.

1.1.1. Purpose The Purpose of life is to glorify God and we each have unique talents(gifts) that we can contribute today to serve others. We can use the japanese concept of ikigai to determine our purpose

1.1.2. Character Honor your word without fear of consequence Character Pre-Requisites

1.1.3. Attitude Never whine, complain, or make excuses. Instead; give gratitude to God. The Key is to replace Negative Attitudes with positive action

1.1.4. Vision Consciously consider your purpose, character and attitude while doing a physical activity routine in order to align the more powerful subconscious with the conscious

1.1.5. Plan/Do Once a purpose is defined; action is simple. What do you want? What does it take? Do it everyday.

1.1.6. Check/Adjust Your spiritual growth can be directly tracked to how quickly you directly confront your sins, so identify measurable benchmarks/targets towards goals and correct deviation immediately

1.1.7. Friendship Search for and find friends that share your passions/burdens. Always encourage them to be their very best and expect encouragement from them. .

1.1.8. Finances We have a biblical responsibility to earn as much as possible in integrity; so that we can utilize our resources towards achieving our purpose

1.1.9. Leadership Leaders use principles to build their character, task management skills, and relationships, in order to create an objective and structure that people follow and duplicate

1.1.10. Conflict Resolution Quickly confront conflict by affirming the purpose for the relationship and seeking reconciliation

1.1.11. Systems A system consists of the whole, the individuals, and the connections between individuals. Learn to recognize a system as any series of interconnected events or things that yield a certain result; then influence their leverage points to get your desired result.

1.1.12. Adversity Quotient Adversity Quotient is the ability to endure pain on the path towards purpose and it is developed by learning the relationships between the resolutions

1.1.13. Legacy Leadership legacy is to live the 13 resolutions and help others learn and share the resolutions with future generations. Ultimately the best legacy one can leave is a community of high trust relationships that systematically spreads the gospel through Biblical principles. This is the only result that multiplies through leverage and truly lasts forever.

2. The Bible Study Directive

2.1. Monday Knight's Purpose

2.1.1. The purpose of The Monday Knights’ “Resolutions for Life” Bible study is to explore 13 Biblical principles to their extremes with the aim of applying them to our daily lives and with the utmost goal of glorifying God.

2.2. Our Values

2.2.1. We believe that God promised to preserve His word and the abundant preservation of the ancient manuscripts is evidence of the fulfillment of His promise.

2.2.2. We believe that God did not promise to preserve the English language, but the most accurate English translation is the KJV.

2.2.3. We believe that with the Bible, God provided the answers to life’s most important questions, and a life of fulfillment, significance and legacy is available to anyone who studies and applies these 13 Biblical principles.

2.3. Our Culture

2.3.1. We create an atmosphere that discourages whining, complaining and excuses. We understand that God brings challenges into our lives in order to develop character, so we give gratitude to God for past, present and future adversity.

2.4. Vision

2.4.1. Our vision is that intellectuals, professionals, students and skeptics will discover objective, correlative truth in the 13 principles, and the positive changes that come about as a result of the application of these principles in each individual will serve as testimony to the strength and efficacy of God’s instructions.

2.5. The Plan

2.5.1. The plan for execution is simple: Explore 1 of the 13 Biblical principles each week.

2.6. Check and Adjust

2.6.1. Our system and process allows us to collect weekly feedback from each individual as to how the principle positively impacted their past week. A key benchmarks we will be striving for is that 80% of participants find and apply the principle weekly.

2.7. Community

2.7.1. We know that friendships are a critical factor to quality of life. We must build a community to encourage each other. The people in this group share the common interest of utilizing biblical principles to improve our lives. We are committed to weekly communication to encourage each other to pursue our passions, achieve our potentials, and glorify God to the best of our abilities.

2.8. Resources

2.8.1. We are committed to utilizing the resources God has given us to provide this course at no cost to participants. We encourage people to purchase the optional accompanying audio content for the 13 resolutions for life for $50.

2.9. Leadership

2.9.1. The 13 Resolutions for Life Bible study will be led by Zachary Taffany and Jesus Sanchez. Both leaders have agreed upon a set of doctrines available in this Mind Map. Both leaders have bowed to the authority of the church and are under the biblical umbrella of Jubilee Christian Center and Calvary Chapel.

2.10. Conflict Resolution

2.10.1. We will quickly confront conflict within the group by affirming the purpose for the relationship and seeking reconciliation between parties. We do not anticipate heavy conflict as this study is not conducive to debate about theology and doctrine.

2.11. Systems

2.11.1. Our system consists of three parts working together to improve our lives and glorify God: The 13 Biblical Principles The leaders who humbly attempt to demonstrate the principles The participants who are exploring the principles We believe that the most important parts of the system are the inter-dependencies between the parts and that by focusing on the connections between the three elements of the system, we will achieve the purpose.

2.12. Adversity Quotient

2.12.1. We anticipate that Satan will bring numerous challenges to the execution of this Bible study. However, we’ve prepared ourselves to endure the inevitable pains and adversities to come in order to explore 1 principle to its completion each and every week.

2.13. Legacy

2.13.1. We feel that the Holy Spirit used adversity in our lives to show us a huge need in today’s culture for a return to Biblical principles. We envision a future where each individual flourishes as a direct result of applying these 13 principles. We also see the Bible study flourishing and growing as the participants apply the principles, transform their lives, and share their testimonies.

3. General Info:

3.1. 13 Week Principle Based Bible Study

3.2. Leadership

3.2.1. Zachary Taffany [email protected]

3.2.2. Jesus Sanchez [email protected]

4. Doctrines

4.1. Critical for Salvation

4.2. Non-Critical